Logan Thomas | Enter the NFL Draft or go back to school?

Should Logan Thomas enter the NFL draft or go back to school? That is the Question

At first I thought that Logan Thomas had a shot to be a first round draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. However, he has not shown NFL Quarterback qualities or even for a big time division 1 school like Virginia Tech. Thomas has already thrown 10 interceptions this year and just can’t handle the spot light. Additionally he has said lately that he is leaning toward going back to school.

At this point I think he has to go back to school or he will be a 5th-7th round pick at best. If he goes back to school and shows good progress he could enter the 2014 NFL Draft and potentially be a top 3 round pick. But that is a big IF… The other option would be for Logan Thomas to switch positions when he comes into the NFL like a lot of athletic Quarterbacks end up doing.

All said and done Logan Thomas has hinted towards going back to school for his senior year and I believe that he does so.

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