Lew’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

Lew’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10

6. ***New Orleans: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon  

***Swap of first round picks with the Patriots and Jets for tampering.  Last big tampering case was Lance Briggs and he stayed with the original team (Bears), here Jets got the player, so a much higher price, swap of first round picks not third round picks.  Otherwise no incentive to not tamper.      Trade with New Orleans, Patriots get first, third and a first next year.

7. Chicago Bears: Danny Shelton, DT, Washington 

The Bears fill the middle with a big time run stopper in Shelton. 

8. Atlanta Falcons: Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson

The Falcons need to increase their pass rush. Beasley should help immediately with this.

9  New York Giants: Malcolm Brown, DT, Texas

NYG get a player who can help with the run and to get after the QB.

10 St. Louis Rams:  Shane Ray, OLB, Missouri

The Rams get a strong side linebacker in Shane Ray.


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