Kenny’s 2012 NFL Mock Draft

Hey guys my names Kenny Dixon. I’m an 18 year old high school senior from Minersville, Pennsylvania. I eat, sleep and breathe NFL football. I’m an aspiring sports journalist/analyst looking to break into the community. This is my first ever mock posted online so let me know what y’all think. I’m only doing breakdowns for the top ten picks for now. As the year progresses and I get a better look at all the prospects, I’ll be giving a more in- depth mock with multiple rounds. Follow me on Twitter @KillaKennyD7

2012 NFL Mock Draft Updated on 04/22/2012 ( updated By Hunter S)

1.       Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB-Stanford

This is without a doubt the easiest pick to mock in the entire 2012 NFL Draft. The only thing easier than this pick is Kim Kardashian (My apologies to Kris Humphries.) Andrew Luck is considered by many analysts and draft experts to be the best QB prospect since former Stanford Cardinal John Elway. He has prototypical size, a strong arm and Pro Bowl caliber accuracy. To make a long story short, Luck has the physical characteristics to step in right away as an NFL signal caller. His underrated mobility, poise in the pocket and ability to read defenses, however, are what separates him from the "elite" quarterback prospects of recent years.  And remember new regime mean new quarterback.

2.       TRADE: Washington Redskins: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

The Redskins trade up to the 2nd overall pick in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft to get their QB of the future. This is by far the Redskins biggest in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft. They have a pretty good defense and secondary with all of the young people and talent they have drafted in previous years so they get their leader in this 2012 NFL Mock Draft (analysis by Hunter S.).

3.       Minnesota Vikings: Justin Blackmon, WR, Ok State

I have heard that this pick may not end up being Matt Kalil on draft day. With that being said I think that the Vikings may end up trading this pick for a team that wants Tannehill or someone that is willing to trade up for Kali. However, if they stay put they need to give Christian Ponder some weapons to work with. Blackmon seems to be that guy with this mock draft.

4.       Cleveland Browns: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A & M

I previously had the Browns selecting Morris Claiborne with this pick. However, it looks like Ryan Tannehill is going to end up being a top 12 selection in the 2012 NFL Mock Draft. Unless someone is looking to trade up to the 4th slot I think the Browns need to take him here if they want him (Updated by Hunter S).

5.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Trent Richardson, RB, ALabama

The Bucs could very well use another upgrade at Cornerback and Morris Claiborne may be one of the most viable options if available. With that being said I think they may need to go with Richardson if he is available here(updated by Hunter S) .


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