Justin’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft | 21-32

2016 NFL Mock Draft Picks 21-32 by Hunter

21. Washington Redskins– Chris Jones (DT) Mississippi St.- The Redskins (Yes I will continue to call them that if your offended you can stop reading) won the Josh Norman sweep stakes filling a big hole. Now they just need to finish up the D-line. Jones has moved up the draft charts fast. He has the hands every coach dreams of teaching and a downhill style that scares QB’s. He just doesn’t have the staimina to keep up that play especially with the high pad level he plays. He will give the Redskins another big weapon.

22. Houston Texans– Laquon Tredwell (WR), Ole Miss. The first wide receiver is off the board. Treadwell was a top 10 lock and has fallen from grace due to the issues with his speed. What speed doesn’t do though is make the toughest catches play after play. The Texans have their speedster in Deandre Hopkins. Now it’s time for the big tough possession receiver to make life easy on their new quarterback Osweiler.

23. Minnesota Vikings– Josh Doctson (WR), TCU- The wide receiver run begins! Teddy Bridgewater is in desperate need of some help. Doctson is the best overall receiver in this draft. I think the Viking organization sees him as the exact player they need to free up AP just a little bit more.

24. Cincinnati Bengals– Corey Coleman (WR), Baylor – Another no brainer. The Bengals draft for need and AJ Green can no longer do it alone. Coleman is the speed guy that not even Dalton can out throw. He is the perfect complement for this offense. He likes to play outside and may have to learn the slot but this is just what the Bengals offense has been in need of to take the next step.



25.  Pittsburgh Steelers– Andrew Billings (DT), Baylor- The Steelers do the unthinkable to fans and pass on the secondary yet again. Billings fills the tackle need that is glaring and fits the Steelers scheme perfect. He is a huge body that eats up gaps and can play every down at his size. He is short which will shy away some teams but not the Steelers.

26. Seattle Seahawks– Eli Apple (CB), Ohio St.- The fifth Buckeye comes off the board tying The Ohio State Universities best first round ever (Urban sure can put out some NFL Talent). The Hawks need to add a new member to the legion of boom. Eli Apple has the size to fit in this group. A nice solid corner who is good in coverage. He is not going to have a ton of interceptions but, he will definitely keep everything in front of him and rarely be beaten.

27. Green Bay Packers-Reggie Ragland (LB), Alabama- Ragland is a smart linebacker; he knows his job does it and plays reckless in a good way. He lacks the measurable you want but his instinct ability and play speak for themselves. The Packers defense can hide his weaknesses like Alabama did and his presence will free up Clay Mathews even more to wreak havoc.

28. Kansas City Chiefs– Vernon Butler (DT), Louisiana Tech- The chiefs could use a slot receiver but the value is in the trenches at this pick. Butler is an Andy Reed guy. He has good mechanics and plays big. He needs to stop missing leg day as his lower body is missing the real power needed to bring him to the NFL leve



29. Arizona Cardinals– Karl Joseph (S), West Virginia- The best safety in this class and a great compliment to the honey badger. Joseph has his injured pass but there is no doubt he is an absolute ball hawk. He plays with high intensity and is everything a safety should be. His range isn’t ideal and either is not having him the first few weeks of the season. I believe he makes it in on day one though.

30. Carolina Panthers– Kevin Dobb (DE), Clemson- the debate is Dobb vs Lawson. Dobbs tape is limited with only one year of being a full time starter, but what a year it was. He plays intense and with high energy a true team player. This is exactly the player the Panthers look for. Team before me! Panthers get a steal and don’t reach for a corner that is a glaring need with Josh Norman now gone.


31. Denver Broncos– A’shawn Robinson (DT) Alabama- To end the draft Elway shows he doesn’t need a quarterback and will not reach for one. The Broncos have a big hole (pun intended) on the defensive middle with Malik Jackson in Jacksonville. They will look to fill that hole first. Robinson is a big cat and his slipped some purely based on the talent of those around him. He is a half a beat slow coming off the line. If corrected he will be a great compliment to Wolfe and fill in nicely on this Super Bowl Defense.

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