Justin’s 2016 NFL Mock Draft | 11-20

2016 NFL Mock Draft Picks 11-20 by Hunter

11. Chicago Bears– Leonard Floyd (OLB) Georgia- The Bears coach is in love with Floyd. Their entire draft board has Floyd written on it. This is a slam dunk pick if he is still available. He has the height, the speed, the length to be the perfect linebacker. His only issue… he is too skinny. Let the trainers work on him and grow into an absolute animal in the NFL. The bears need a defensive anchor as they haven’t had a lineback to talk about in a long time. Floyd will get the Bears fans excited.

12. New Orleans Saints-Sheldon Rankin (DT), Louisville- It seems the Saints can’t catch a break on their drafts. They have the high power offense with Breese but can’t get the defense to play at the same level regardless of pick after pick of failed projects. Rankin fills a need and will be a great low risk pick by New Orleans. He has a high motor and moves great for a big guy with active hands. He is a little small but will hold his own just fine in the trenches. It’s a fitting nod to the late Will Smith for the Saints to take a great defensive lineman in the first round.



13. Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles)- **Projected Trade Cleveland Browns** Paxton Lynch (QB), Memphis. The Browns can’t stop hearing about quarterbacks. The pressure is on them to make a choice. They can trade away another pick to the Jets or Bills looking to move up or pull the trigger and see if they can finally strike gold. If they move down Darron Lee is going to be their target and I am almost tempted to have them pick him here (Sorry Andrea). I am just as much of a fan of Lynch as I would be of Wentz or Goff.

He is ridiculously tall and when he is dialed in has just as much talent. His ability to scramble allows him to make plays, extend them, and help his team. His p[placement needs work. He doesn’t throw dangerous balls but throws plenty behind his recievers hurting their playmaking ability. I still think this is a bit high for Lynch but he is coveted by plenty of teams and this slot makes complete sense.

14. Oakland Raiders– Vernon Hargreaves (CB), Florida-, The Raiders are a team on the rise. They have become fun to watch and are about to start competing for a playoff spot consistently. They don’t have many holes and did an excellent job in free agency. The loss of the leadership of Rod Woodson will be felt. Hargreaves is a special athlete and has slipped some during the draft process. His size is less than ideal and he has better quick response than natural speed. His instinct and feet are his most impressive traits. He will need to work on wrapping up better to make a big impact and become a starter. He also provides a great special teams option for Raider Nation.

15. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams) – William Jackson III (CB), Houston- **Projected Trade Jacksonville Jaguars** The Jaguars moved down and will get a starting corner that they desperately need. Jackson does it all plays run defense, blitzes the quarterback and can play man. The Jaguars have a pass rusher in Fowler from last year and the value is too good to ignore the corner position. here.



16.  Detroit Lions– Jarren Reed (DT), Alabama- The Lions have missed Suh since he took his talents to Miami. They don’t miss his attitude or signing his paycheck however. Reed is not your pass rushing DT but he is a gap filler and is a tough nose tackle in the trenches. Sure they may want to find the next great WR to replace Megatron but the Lions defense is suffering and needs some help.

17. Atlanta Falcons– Darron Lee (OLB) Ohio St.- The ATL does not have a lot of picks but Dan Quinn is not going to leave this draft without more of a pass rush. Lee has great speed and can also cover. He get overzealous in pursuit and gets caught but Quinn will fix that and have a great lineback for years to come.

18. Indianapolis Colts-Taylor Decker (OT) Ohio State- The Colts keep it simple protect Andrew Luck. Luck was beat up bruised and even broken last season. Keeping the franchise upright is goal #1. Decker has the body to be an all pro tackle and the skill. This guy handled more double teams then anyone I saw this college football season. His knock is he doesn’t keep low and pre determines his plans too much on rushers and can get blown buy.



19.  Buffalo Bills-Shaq Lawson (DE), Clemson- He is an absolute monster and could be the best end in this draft. His body size scares you alone. However, he relies on it too much trying to overpower blockers and has average speed. The Bills want someone to take over the Mario Edwards spot and they get the perfect fit.

20. New York Jets– Ryan Kelly (C ), Alabama- The Jets could pull the trigger on a Connor Cook or trade down to get him. I think they resign Fitzpatrick and move Muhamad Wilkinson maybe for 2 (2nd round picks). Kelly is the best center in this draft and can play any interior line position. He is a tough mean kid. He needs to add some weight and not lock into one rusher and hold his gap to become a great center. Nick Mangold is their center but help on the offensive line and a future all pro center is too good to pass up in value.



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