Josh’s 2012 NFL Mock Draft 2 Rounds

Josh Levine’s 2012 NFL Mock Draft

2012 NFL Mock Draft 2 Full Rounds Updated on 04/21/2012

1.       Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck, QB-Stanford

Luck is the biggest no-brainer to hit the NFL Draft since the man he will replace in Indianapolis, new Broncos QB Peyton Manning. Luck’s height, arm strength, accuracy and football IQ grade him out at the highest mark since John Elway in 1982. The Colts have essentially hit the NFL jackpot; the ability to replace one franchise QB with another and they won’t let the opportunity slip.

2.       Washington Redskins via STL: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

The greatest thing about this years NFL Draft is RG3. This would be the first time in a long while that quarterbacks taken #1 and #2 overall are absolute can’t miss prospects. A few thought Ryan Leaf could be better than Peyton Manning but it was obvious real quick that Leaf didn’t have the head for the NFL. Not only does Griffin have the head, he’s got the best on field skills for a mobile quarterback since Michael Vick and he’s got a personality that will light up the entire league

**Side note** I fully expect these guys to face off against each other in a Super Bowl some time in the next 15 years.

3.       Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil, OT-USC

I know having Kalil slotted here is like going chalk on your NCAA Bracket. Its the cheap way out. But frankly, on a team that needs one of just about every single position on the field, and in a draft that is deep at WR and CB (two other major needs), selecting the top guy to protect Christian Ponder’s blindside is a cant-knock selection. However, as the draft gets closer, I will examine this slot like a hawk. Something about selecting a tackle when there is franchise changing talent at playmaking offensive positions and potentially elite defenders available here, doesn’t seem right to me.

4.       Cleveland Browns:  Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama 

In the new offensive age of the NFL, taking the top RB over the top WR probably seems like blasphemy. But for the Browns, the fit between them and Richardson is just way too good to be true. The need is just so glaring, it somehow trumps the Browns receiver need. And its not that I think they just won’t outright take Blackmon, I think Mike Holmgren is too smart to not see what I see. And thats that Colt McCoy just flat out isn’t a consistent enough QB to maximize Blackmon’s full potential. Contrary to popular belief, handing it off IS easier than throwing downfield. So the Browns are much better off taking Richardson then taking full advantage of the WR depth with their late first rounder. One of Stephen Hill, Kendall Wright or Michael Floyd should still be there.

5.       Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU

The Bucs have used a bunch draft picks in the last few years on wide receivers and they just spend over $50 million on Vincent Jackson for the next 5 years. Selecting someone to play opposite Aqib Talib and to eventually replace Ronde Barber is something they can fix now and never look back. Passing on Blackmon will not be a mistake for this team. Claiborne’s wrist surgery should not be something that will affect him long term.

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