Jason’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 21-32

2013 NFL Mock Draft Picks 21-32 by DJ Boyer

The last section of the first round in the 2013 NFL Mock Draft

21. Cincinnati* (10-6) — DJ Fluker, OG/OT Alabama

There is chance the Bengals do not come to a long term agreement with Andre Smith and might bring him back just for next season, so they will need to look at finding a replacement. Fluker’s best fit is playing in the interior, but with some experience playing RT, he could eventually replace Smith after this season or immediately, if they let Smith walk.

22. St. Louis – from Washington* (10-6) — DeAndre Hopkins, WR Clemson

The Rams need to find offensive weapons for Bradford and Hopkins is a great pick here because he is an excellent route runner. He might not be the fastest WR in the draft, but he has proven to be durable and has only gotten better the last few seasons at Clemson. Kennan Allen might have more speed, but with the lack of scout time due to injury and Cordarrelle Paterson being raw, they need to make sure they give Bradford a reliable target to replace Amendola and Gibson.

23. Minnesota* (10-6) — Alec Ogletree, LB Georgia

The Vikings lack depth at DT and LB, and there isn’t a DT worth taking at this spot unless one falls in the draft. Ogletree is a great pick right here, if the Vikings can overlook the off the field problems he has had (recently a DUI). He is a great tackler and has a high motor. If they want to play it safe, they can go after Kevin Minter out of LSU, but Ogletree is the better player.

24. Indianapolis* (11-5) — Datone Jones, DE UCLA

The Colts would benefit to adding some pass rushers with Freeney leaving in FA and Mathis getting older. Jones had a great Senior Bowl and his a solid pass rusher and has shown improved skills in run defense. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Colts double up at this position early in the draft.

25. Minnesota – from Seattle* (11-5) — Cordarrelle Paterson, WR Tennessee

Ponder needs weapons to throw to and Jennings could be a question mark due to his injury history. Paterson has a lot of raw talent and may be the diamond in the rough in terms of WR in this draft. He has great speed and can be used in different roles (slot, out of the backfield, kick returns) to replace Percy Harvin, except more durable. He needs to develop is route running ability, but could really learn from Jennings.

26. Green Bay* (11-5) — Eddie Lacy, RB Alabama

At some point, Green Bay needs to develop a running game. They could go TE here to replace Finley, but this draft class is weak on RB and Lacy would be a nice fit because he is a tough runner that can run between the tackles, but also as the ability to break it off to the corners. If he can improve is pass catching skills, he would be a huge threat in the Packers’ offense.

27. Houston* (12-4) — Justin Hunter, WR Tennessee

Matt Schaub needs a 2nd receiver to throw to and Andre Johnson is getting older. Justin Hunter was on the way to having a great collegiate career until he blew out his knee in 2011 against UF. He rebounded nicely last year, but lost some of his speed, but he is a great route runner, has great leaping ability and good hands, he would be a great compliment to Andre Johnson. Hunter was clearly the best WR at the Tennessee, even though Paterson showed more athletic ability.

28. Denver* (13-3) — Jonthan Banks, CB Mississippi State

Champ Bailey got torched against the Ravens in the playoffs and could be a cap cut next season, so the Broncos will look to add some depth at the CB position behind Bailey and Rodgers-Cromartie. Banks is a tall CB, at 6′-2" and is great in coverage and run blitzing, his only weakness is covering smaller, slot receivers. Lucky for him, best one (Wes Welker) is on his team.

29. New England* (12-4) — Jonathan Cyprien, S Florida International

Adrian Wilson was a great signing, but he has little left in the tank and would provide great leadership to whoever the Patriots can draft to take over for that position. The Patriots may trade down here for  team that wants to trade back into the 1st Round to get a QB, but assuming they keep this pick, they need to add to the secondary considering the top teams in the AFC feature some pretty great passing games. Cyprien is a great tackler and his combo of speed and size, allows him to not get beat against slot receivers or against the receiving TE. Considering the Ravens need a replacement for Ed Reed and the 49ers needing depth at the position, that the Patriots take the 2nd best safety off the boards and let the other two reach for the position.

30. Atlanta* (13-3) — Tyler Eifert, TE Notre Dame

Tony Gonzalez made a surprise return to the Falcons this off-season when everyone thought retirement. Eifert is the best TE in this class and adding him to their offense would allow the Falcons to go with dual TE sets and let Eifert get 2 full seasons to learn under the best TE in NFL History. They could really use a pass rusher and a CB to replace Robinson and Grimes, but this is a perfect opportunity to land Gonzalez’s replacement.

31. San Francisco* (11-4-1) — Matt Elam, S Florida

Unless Cyprien is available with this pick, I really see the 49ers trading down for a team that wants to land Matt Barkley. The 49ers are loaded with picks and talent, and really need to find depth at safety and corner. Matt Elam is a great athlete, but concerns over his height are preventing him from being a 1st round pick.

32. Baltimore* (10-6) — Keenan Allen, WR California

After letting Boldin go, Flacco needs another WR to throw to. Before the season, Allen was considered to be a top 15 pick, but an injury has forced him out and his stock is going to fall. He will be ready for camp and the Ravens always draft well. They’ll take a chance on Allen and find value replacements at safety and linebacker later in the draft to replace all the talent they lost this off season. When healthy, Allen has potential to be a #1 WR, he has the hands, route running ability and an incredible vertical. It will all depend on how he recovers from the knee injury and could very well creep back inside the top 20 to a team like the Vikings or Patriots that is willing to wait on him.

  • Washington -> St. Louis: Robert Griffin
  • Seattle -> Minnesota: Percy Harvin .

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