Jason L’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 6-10

2013 NFL Mock Draft Picks 6-10 by Jason L.

6.  Cleveland Browns Geno Smith QB West Virginia

If the draft shakes out this way and Geno is still on the board, I think Cleveland might go that way. Dee Milliner certainly makes sense as does a pass rushing OLB like Mingo but if you watched Lombardi on the NFL Network, it’s QB, QB, QB. Recently, there have been a lot of rumors saying that Milliner is their guy, I just don’t buy that kind of hype this time of year. I actually think that Weeden could be a good QB but his window was closing before he was drafted. If you’re going to get this franchise moving forward, you need to have the signal caller in place. Even if this year isn’t the best year for the position, I think getting the best QB in the draft at #6 isn’t all bad. Chudzinski came from Carolina and saw how quickly a QB can invigorate a franchise. Smith isn’t Cam Newton but can certainly elevate the position. QB play has been awful basically since the Browns returned to the NFL. You could also see a team try to get ahead of AZ and Buffalo to draft Geno at this spot.

7. Arizona Cardinals Chance Womack OG Alabama

This mock couldn’t shake out a lot worse for Arizona. They have a need at QB and OT but there is nobody worth taking at those positions. At this point, I don’t know that anyone is sure what the exact defensive scheme will be but Ansah could be the pick too. I’m going with Womack as the Cardinals NEED to upgrade their line play, even if OT isn’t an option in this mock. The Cardinals were dead last rushing the ball last year both in total yards and yards per carry. Womack could make a huge impact in both up-the-middle protection and creating some holes in the running game. High for a guard yes, but Womack is a rare OG prospect.

8. Buffalo Bills Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina

Hardest pick for me to make in the top 10. The biggest need long-term is at QB where I am pretty sure Kolb isn’t the answer and damn sure that Jackson isn’t. They could also look at WR opposite Johnson but I don’t think there is value here at WR and they can grab one early in the 2nd, where I am predicting a big run at the position. The Bills only have 6 picks in the draft so adding a few via trade-down would make sense if available, especially if they plan to try to trade back into the 1st to grab a QB. But, in this case they choose to bolster the offensive line. They lost Andy Levitre to Tennessee and don’t want to take a step back at that position. Whether it’s Cooper or Womack here, OG is the most likely position. Two guards in the top 10? Strong commentary on the talent in the early part of the draft.

9. New York Jets Ezekiel Ansah DE/OLB BYU

In this scenario, I think the pick comes down to Ansah or Mingo. Rex Ryan needs to have players to be able to get creative with pass rush schemes. I’m going with Ansah in this mock due to both upside and size and strength. Ansah has only been playing for a handful of years but I think Mingo might fall a bit as I feel like he might be one of those weaker, hybrid DE/OLB that tend to bust. Ansah has the speed to rush from the OLB position but is also strong enough to hold up vs. the run. I would be concerned about a prospect that hasn’t played much football if I were a Jets fan but all you need to do is look at the “other” NYC team and the success JPP has had. At the end of the day, this is a Rex Ryan pick and he should have an immediate impact. Star Lotulelei could be an option here, too.

10. Tennessee Titans Dee Milliner CB Alabama

Getting the number one CB in the draft at #10 is a good scenario for the Titans. Tennessee gave up almost 4000 yards passing last year and need to sure that up. They are another team that could look at WR but with Milliner still on the board, I think this would be a pretty easy pick. Milliner would allow Verner to move over to cover the slot, which is probably his best position.


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