Jason L’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft | 11-20

2013 NFL Mock Draft Picks 11-20 by Jason L

11. San Diego Chargers Star Lotulelei DT Utah

With the big run on offensive line in the first 10 picks, it leaves the Chargers in a tough spot. They could either look at Lotulelei or Rhodes. They threw some money at the CB position this offseason, not sure how much they improved but CB is a deep position and they could find depth later in the draft. It wasn’t THAT long ago that Lotulelei was considered a top 3 pick and he still could be. This is a BPA pick and it does upgrade the defensive front. If the draft doesn’t shake out this way and ANY of the top 5 offensive lineman are available, that’ll be the pick.

12. Miami Dolphins Xavier Rhodes CB Florida St.

Every year there are a few picks that show up repeatedly to a team and that’s Rhodes to Miami, this year. Even after signing Grimes to a contract, they still need to bolster the position. Rhodes is regarded as the #2 corner in this draft and while they could wait, he’s the best on the board at a position of need. Miami does need to upgrade OT but it’s a reach to take the next guy in line after the big 3. Of the teams looking for an OT, they might have the most ammo to move up, holding 11 picks this year, including an extra 2ndrounder.

13. New York Jets  Ryan Nassib  QB  Syracuse 

With the extra trade the Jets get from the Revis trade, I wouldn’t be surprised to either see them trade down into a better value-area to pick up a QB or just take the top one on their board here.  The Jets need a lot and maybe it was their lack of weapons that hurt Sanchez last year but the guy has flat out regressed.  I actually believe that having a strong-armed quarterback in the cold/windy stadiums is a benefit.  I don’t think Sanchez or Barkley have the arm talent to wing it around the MetLife Field.  Nassib would probably need to sit a year or at least it would benefit him to do so.  Similar to Locker in a lot of ways.  Not quite as fast or elusive but it would be easy for a coach to love the arm.

14. Carolina Panthers Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri

The Panthers did sure up their defense last year to a degree and finished in the middle of the pack in most categories.  They have however, needed to upgrade the middle of their D-Line and they do it big time with Sheldon Richardson.  Richardson is the #1 DT on a fair number of writers’ boards and this would be a great landing spot for him.   I still think it’s early for a WR but this could start to be Tavon Austin territory if the Panthers decide to give Cam an additional weapon.

15. New Orleans Saints Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB LSU

Wow. The Saints defense was absolutely awful last year. Not that the last handful of years has been great for the defense but they were embarrassing in 2012. They gave up 28 points a game. No matter WHAT your offense looks like, you need to do better than that. So, they brought in Rob Ryan who will be switching the team to a 3-4 and they need a pass rushing OLB, no doubt about it. The other issue is they only have 5 picks in this year’s draft so they need to hit. I expect the Saints offense to continue to dominate so any improvement on defense makes them a playoff-caliber team. Mingo is an extraordinary athlete. While he might have to add strength in the NFL, he will be drafted for his pass rush upside. With Brees putting pressure on opposing offenses, Mingo should have an immediate impact.

16. St. Louis Rams Tavon Austin WR West Virginia

I hate when every mock has a player going to the same team and about 80% of the ones I have read have Austin going here. In this case, I think the masses are right and it’s not a place where I am going to be a contrarian. After watching the Rams offense last year, it was surprising to me how many crossing routes they run, I mean A LOT of them. If that’s Bradford’s game and the way the offense will look, why not upgrade the loss of Amendola with a playmaker like Austin. The guy will be a demon in space, ala T.Y. Hilton X2. Patterson could get a look here and could be a bigger target with a better vertical game but I think Austin has the biggest impact and is the right pick. They could go LB here but with few off the board and another pick coming, Austin is the guy.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers Cordarrell Patterson WR Tennessee

There are a number of ways the Steelers could go here and if it’s not a wideout, then maybe it’s the replacement for James Harrison in a guy like Jarvis Jones from Georgia. They could even look at Tyler Eifert as Heath Miller had an UGLY knee injury at the end of last year. The way I have them going is adding a WR to help fill the void that Mike Wallace left when he signed the big FA contract with Miami. If you think of the WRs that have had success in a Todd Haley offense (Boldin, Bowe), a bigger WR that is a great YAC guy makes sense. There have been a lot of rumors lately of Patterson falling and while he might have moved down a bit due to the depth of the position, he’s a great pick here. I’d look for the Steelers to add a big DT in round 2 if a pass rushing OLB doesn’t fall.

18. Dallas Cowboys Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina

The Cowboys are switching to a 4-3 defense this year and a 3-technique DT that can both hold up vs. the run and still get some heat in the backfield is exactly what Jerry Jones should be looking for. I actually think when we look back at this draft, which has a lot of DT talent, Williams could be the top guy. Monte Kiffin’s system, which asks DT’s to get up field, would be the perfect fit for Williams. Having Rod Marinelli as a line coach isn’t bad, either. Dallas has some real talent on the defensive side of the ball and Williams would just add to that strength.

19. New York Giants Jarvis Jones LB Georgia

The Giants have a glaring need at LB and if the draft were to shake out this way, the choice would be the ability of Jones just beating out the versatility Arthur Brown. Jones has had a rough offseason with a bad medical and a defensive lineman-like 4.8 in the 40. Getting Jones at #19 would be a great value. Along with being a strong tackler he is also a great blitzer. Instead of adding another DE, add the best defensive player available in Jones.

20. Chicago Bears Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame

Getting Jay Cutler another target not named Brandon Marshall needs to be goal of the Bears in this draft. That doesn’t have to come from the WR position. Eifert is a great pass catching TE and is a huge target. The Bears did sign Martellus Bennett but before last year his best year was a 33 reception effort and also before last year he had 4 TD’s in 4 years. If the Bears think that Bennett IS the guy that played well for the Giants (55 catches and 5 TDs) then maybe they look at LB, CB or DE. I think Eifert ends up being the pick over guys like Arthur Brown, Alec Ogletree and Desmond Trufant.


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