Jared’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft

2013 NFL Mock Draft

by Jared

Hi all, I am a sophomore Sport Management student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I have been scouting for the past four years, and love every minute of it. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys (I am from Dallas, cut me some slack), and my favorite player is DeMarcus Ware.

*Note – This draft does not reflect my personal rankings updated 02/14/13

1.  Kansas City Chiefs – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

Honestly, this is just a really bad year to be picking number one. Smith is not my number one player (or quarterback for that matter), but he makes the most sense for the Chiefs. There are going to be arguments for Manti Te’o and Star Lotulelei, but the picks would be extremely hard to justify for a team that is in desperate need of a franchise quarterback. Smith is smart, athletic, and has great physical tools, but lacks in the consistency department. Unfortunately for Kansas City, there is not bonifide quarterback prospect like in 2012 with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, but Smith is an above average prospect in his own right.

2.  Jacksonville Jaguars – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

Jacksonville can go in a number of directions with this pick. If you follow the “three year rule,” Blaine Gabbert should get one more chance to prove he is not worthless. In the meantime, Jacksonville should take the best player on their board and not look back. When you are as bad as the Jaguars, drafting for need will get you into trouble. No matter which defensive direction the Jaguars are heading, Lotulelei can fit into any system and be a disruptive force.

3. Oakland Raiders – Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&M

The Raiders could use some help on both sides of the ball, but rebuilding the defense is probably their number one priority right now. And where is a better place to start than finding a franchise pass rusher? One can make the argument that Moore is too small to be an every down defensive end, but he is 6’4, 250 with room to easily add fifteen or so pounds. Oakland is in the bottom part of the league in sacks, and they could add a guy like Moore, who would look fantastic in black and silver.

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Back to back picks for the Aggies here. I understand that Jason Peters has been injured all year, but he only plays one tackle spot. The Eagles’ entire line is in shambles right now, so infusing it with young talent seems like a promising strategy. A bookend of Joeckel and Peters looks pretty solid if you are Philadelphia. And as a Cowboys fan, I hate mocking a guy like Joeckel to the Eagles.

5. Detroit Lions – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

I think that the Lions would strongly consider Manti Te’o and Sam Montgomery here as well, but finding lockdown cornerbacks is essential in the NFL today. Milliner is one of the best man to man cover corners in the draft, and has impressed all year long with his physical style of play. And come on, can anybody really pass on an Alabama defender? You know that Milliner is going to be well coached if he is coming from Alabama.

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