Hunter’s Fantasy Football Draft Results 2013

Hi all below are the results of my 2013 Fantasy football draft. The rules are 6 pts per passing TD and  -2 for an interception. In regard to receiving it’s a 1/2 point per reception. I have my draft results listed below and a quick description of why I made each pick. I am not sure if you want to bet on my picks but Bovada is a great place for great place for online football betting. This mock draft was done on Yahoo Sports not on so take that in to consideration based on the draft positions.

Positions: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, FLEX( WR/RB/TE), TE, K, D/ST

I had the 11th pick out of 12 picks.

Round 1:

11. Trent Richardson RB CLE: I was surprised that Richardson fell to me as I thought that I would have had someone like Alfred Morris or Jamaal Charles fall but I was happy with Richardson.

Round 2:

2. Chris Johnson RB TEN: I was very happy that Chris Johnson was available with the 14th pick. I know a lot of people are not this high on him but running back this year is very weak and I think Chris Johnson is going to have a very good year (also I am a Titans fan)

Round 3:

11. Randall Cobb WR GB: Cobb was the best available wide receiver on my board so I snagged him. I think he has the potential to break 100 catches (1/2 ppr) and get some carries out out the backfield as well. All in all he is a utility player that is going to get a ton of touches.

Round 4:

2. Danny Amendola WR NE: Amendola is a bit of a boom bust player. I think he could end up being a top 5 wide receiver with receptions and being Brady’s top target. However, if he ends up injured than obviously he won’t meet his potential.

Round 5:

11. Antonio Brown WR PITT: This may have been a bit of a reach of Antonio Brown will be a nice flex starter for me who is going to be the number one target for Big Ben.

Round 6:

2. Steve Smith WR CAR: Ok I loved that Steve Smith was available with this selection… but in hind sight I probably should have gone with my QB with this pick. Matt Stafford and Tony Romo were both available and they were selected before my next pick. (I made a trade that I have listed and the end of the draft)

Round 7: Lance Moore WR NO: I have had Lance Moore the last two years and he is a great fill in Wide Out.

Round 8: Fred Davis TE WAS: I kind of panicked with this pick and thought I needed a tight end. It turned out that Daryl Richardson was drafted after this selection which is the way I probably should have gone.

Round 9: Carson Palmer QB AZ: I once again kind of panicked so I went with Palmer making sure I had a qb that I though could be my starter.

Round 10: Ronnie Hillman RB DEN: I was looking for depth to the running back position and I believe that he could be the starter in Denver.

Round 11: Emmanuel Sanders WR PITT: I think that this could end up being a steal as Sanders is a burner and a very good wide receiver.

Round 12: Tyler Eifert TE CIN: Eifert has the potential to be a stud Tight End. I took a shot on him…

Round 13: Jay Cutler QB CHI: Needed a backup QB…

Round 14: LaMichael James RB SF: Looking for more RB depth.

Round 15: DeAndre Hopkins WR HOU: I am an NFL draft guy and I have loved Hopkins since he got drafted.

Round 16: Christine Michael RB SEA: A potential handcuff to Marshawn Lynch.


*Ok so I didn’t draft a Kicker or a Defense. As by the end no defense or Kicker was worth picking up so I will go week to week with them. The first move that I did was drop Christine Michael and LaMichael James and I picked up Kenbrell Thompkins and Jordan Cameron.

**TRADE: So the background of this trade is that I wasn’t happy with Carson Palmer and Jay Cutler as either of my starting QB’s. So I decided that I had good Wide Receiver Depth so I needed to make a move to get a QB. In the end I gave up my 6th round pick for Tony Romo which in the end I am fine with as I should have taken him the first time with this selection.

I gave up: Jay Cutler QB CHI, Kenbrell Thompkins WR NE (It was hard to do as I think he is going to have a good year), Steve Smith WR CAR (I Like Smith a lot but I think I have enough depth to give him up)

I got: Tony Romo QB Dallas – I think that Romo is going to have a top 8 fantasy year with top weapons such as Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and a healthier Jason Witten.

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