Heisman Trophy Watch | Final Heisman Watch Results

Final Heisman Trophy Watch Results

By Tyler Lurkins

By this point in the season, the Heisman hopefuls are fairly obvious.  Johnny Manziel, Collin Klein, and Manti Te’o are the only players in the nation deserving of the award.  However, this award does not necessarily go to the most deserving player.

Will the voters give the nod to a freshman?  The talk on Manziel is the fact he may have had a couple of bad games.  Who cares?  Manziel is a household name.  Given the ultimate nickname, Johnny Football, Manziel may be the most talked about player in the nation.  As mobile as Tebow with an accurate arm, Manziel is provided the opportunity to leave school as the most prolific QB ever.  Hands down, Manziel is the most deserving of the award.

Te’o receives the nod as the biggest sleeper in the race.  He is America’s darling.  If you wanted to raise your child to idolize a player, you would put a Fathead of #5 on the wall.  What has he done?  Te’o is a solid player, but he isn’t electrifying.  A MLB should have 100 tackles.  Who cares if he leads all LB’s with interceptions?  Te’o isn’t a corner.  Yet the voting population may use these stats to choose a pristine, choir boy of a player who plays for one of the biggest programs in the nation.

The only reason Klein remains on the board is his stats.  He showed more “poor performances” than Manziel, but he is still a senior.  The fact that K-State did warrant national championship recognition speaks volumes.  And Klein is the face of this program.  However, when it mattered, Klein did not put the team on his shoulders and carry them in the endzone.  Although completing a high percentage of passes, Klein’s YPA is a less than 10 yards, and that is very pedestrian.  The voters may take the high road and select Klein because of fear of national media ripping the poor stats of the other senior, Te’o.

The Heisman Trophy should sit in the trophy case of the nation’s most outstanding player.  With or without stats, most of the public will agree that Johnny Manziel is just that.  Tradition is very important in college football.  Perhaps the voters aren’t willing to allow a freshman to win the trophy.  If this is the case, Te’o or Klein do have some accreditation to the trophy as well.  Let the best man win.




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