Hansen’s 2015 NFL Mock Draft | 44-54

2015 NFL Mock Draft Round 2

Round 2 | 44-54:

44. New Orleans Saints: Paul Dawson, OLB, TCU: Dawson may be undersized at 230, and not a speed demon at a 4.8 40, but he was by far the best cover linebacker I saw last year.

45. Minnesota Vikings: Sammie Coats, WR, Auburn: Ah the Vikings. They have drafted well but not at pass receiver. Hopefully Sammie Coats will be their answer. He has breathtaking speed, around 4.38, and can leap, but his production has not lived up yet to his physical attributes.



46. San Francisco 49ers: DJoun Smith, CB, Florida Atlantic: Under the radar playing in Conference USA, Smith was the one corner back who gave Marshall quarterback Rakeem Cato fits this year.

47. Miami Dolphins: Markus Goldman, OLB, Mizzou: Is Goldman going to go down the draft boards? He is basically a straight version of Michael Sam, only taller. He could go anywhere from the late first round to the 4th round. Should be fun to watch at the draft in Chicago. Maybe he will kiss his girlfriend, if he has one.

48. San Diego Chargers: Daryl Williams, OT, Oklahoma: Williams is a solid, unspectacular tackle who should be able to start right away.



49. Kansas City Chiefs: Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon: Fisher had a great year for Oregon, particularly late in the year, and acquainted himself well against the monstrously good defenses of Florida State and Ohio State in the playoffs. A little undersized at less than 300 pounds but very quick and fast, as Oregon linemen must be in their up tempo offense. Yeah, I know they’ re going to need a safety due to the illness of Eric Berry, but their offensive line is disappearing like quick sand.

50. Buffalo Bills: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State: The Bills, or Rex Ryan, to be exact, needs a stud running back that EJ Manuel or some other purported quarterback, can hand the ball of to. Ajayi runs through tackles, he runs around tacklers, he can catch the ball, he can block. Without a big time quarterback, and The Rex being the Rex, he may try to turn Sammy Watkins into a corner back, LOL. 

51. Houston Texans: Benardrick McKinney, ILB, Mississippi State: Brian Cushing is on the way out in Houston and most scouts see McKinney as a budding super star because of his speed and height. I don’t. You’d think he’d be great in pass coverage but he’s not. In fact, he’s actually no less a down ill run stuffer than Denzel Perryman of Miami.

52. Philadelphia Eagles: Derron Smith, FS, Fresno State: He’ s an interception machine and

the Eagles will hope he can make life miserable for Tony Romo, Eli Manning, and RGIII.



53. Cincinnati Bengals: Paul Hackett, FS, TCU: Hackett, as they say, has been rushing up the draft boards, going from the 6th round in October to the second round here. Is he that good? Maybe. But part of it is the shortage of free safeties at a time when there is a desperate need for them.

54. Detroit Lions: Tre Jackson, OG, Florida State: I’ve thought Jackson has been overrated for two years as I’ve seen a lot of Florida State games. However he had a good Senior Bowl week and hence was blessed by NFL coaches and scouts.


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