Fantasy Football Players to buy

I know I don’t usually write a fantasy football column but this year I am interested in some players that may have either gone undrafted or drafted late. These players may be available for a lower price and mid season may end up starting for your Fantasy Football team.


1. Markus Wheaton, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

I know Wheaton has had two games already and has had pretty good games. However, I still believe that he is a little under the radar compared to receivers of his caliber. He is the #2 in Pittsburgh and coming into this year I believed that Antonio Brown was underrated and Wheaton is as well. You can still go out and get Wheaton for probably a 4th RB or a decent TE at this rate. He hasn’t scored any TD’s yet but I believe he is bound to in the weeks to come. With all of this said I believe Wheaton is a great flex moving forward and has the upside to be a good Wide Receiver 2.


2. Just Hunter, WR, Tennessee Titans

Ok I will give full disclosure on this one I am a Tennessee Titans fan. However, that is a reason that I am high on Justin Hunter as well. He is a great redzone target as well as a deep threat. The Titans play a fairly easy schedule and he is going to get a lot of opportunities for big plays and TD’s. He hasn’t gone off yet so at this point he is definitely worth giving up a bigger name player for a higher upside player. If you have a WR or RB on your bench that will not play anyway why not try to make a play for someone with huge upside. I also like Jake Locker as a sleeper as well but with his injury concerns I am not going to do a big write up on him.


3. Cam Newton, QB, Carolina

At this point Cam is being undervalued by NFL analysts and fantasy analysts. Newton has been a top 5 fantasy QB every year and even after missing week 1 I believe he could be again this year as well. If you are in a 4pt per passing td league he has huge upside. If you are in a 6 pt per passing his value goes down a little bit but he is still a top 10 QB for sure. Right now before he has a big game is the time to make a trade for him and get him in your starting lineup. The QB’s I would trade for him would be Jay Cutler, Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Nick Foles and any other of the lower tier qb’s. Now is the time to make the move on him.


4. Toby Gerhart, RB, Jacksonville

This one is an interesting one as I am not completely sold on his talent. But you can probably get him for pretty cheap still as he had an injury sprain and a below avg week one. So just for potential if you can get him as your 3rd RB I would pull the trigger on this.


Really low Buy: Bishop Sankey, RB, Titans

I know that he isn’t starting at this point but if you have a bench spot for him I believe his talent is going to end up giving him a much bigger role for the Titans in the running and passing game. He is probably really cheap right now and over the next couple weeks it probably won’t take a lot to snag him.


Lastly, I have just a couple of tips. At this point Knowshon Moreno had a good week one and he could continue to succeed. However, if you can make a play to get one of the top RB’s I would do it without hesitation.


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