Early Super Bowl 51 Odds

Early Super Bowl 51 Futures You Should Bet on Now:


Super Bowl 51 is in our sights already! After a rather boring Super Bowl, where we saw the Denver Broncos decimate Cam Newton and the Panthers, 30 teams look for the chance to replace the Broncos and Panthers. Trying to decipher who will actually do it is the tricky part. Any online sportsbook already has updated odds on Super Bowl 51 futures, where we see some perennial favorites such as the Packers and the Patriots coming in with their typical favorite odds, but also see teams like the Steelers and the Panthers ranked fairly highly. The Broncos are below even the Cowboys at +1800, despite their recent Super Bowl victory. In this article, we’ll look at some Super Bowl 51 futures you should hop on right now.


The Longshot: Baltimore Ravens +3500:


Our favorite longshot pick is the Baltimore Ravens at +3500. That’s a huge return on your money for choosing a perennial contender that struggled last season. The Ravens lost a ton of close games, that could be won this season just as long as they make some moves, and get some players back from injury. Joe Flacco is still one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL, and knows how to win games. Steve Smith Sr. is said to be coming back from injury (he isn’t retiring), and the Ravens will be looking to make some moves in the offseason. Expect them to compete with the Bengals and Steelers for their AFC North crown once again.


The Favorite: Pittsburgh Steelers +900:


The Steelers at +900, with players like Le’Veon Bell, Ben Roethlisberger, and Maurice Pouncey coming back is a steal (excuse the pun). This team is sure to be dominant just as long as they stay injury-free. They were a play away from beating the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos (the fourth quarter fumble doomed them), and that team was absolutely decimated by injuries. Martavis Bryant will have his first season where he actually starts as well (unless he gets injured during the preseason). This team can go far, and should be the rightful favorite at this point in the year.


The Comeback Kids: Seattle Seahawks +900:


The Seahawks struggled at times last season with various things. One thing remained: their top defense. Defense wins championships, as Denver just showed us. The Seahawks offense seemed to have quite a few issues throughout the year, with Russell Wilson taking over towards the end of the year and just going absolutely crazy. That wasn’t the role for Wilson though. The Seahawks are a grueling, ground and pound, defensive team, not an air raid team. Marshawn Lynch has announced his retirement, but the Seahawks may draft a young running back such as Ezekiel Elliot, or might just stick with Christine Michael.


The Fan Favorite: Green Bay Packers +1000:


Aaron Rodgers had an off year. Let’s admit it and see if he can get over it this next year with the return of Jordy Nelson. The Packers have started to talk about making some serious moves, but we’ll see if Ted Thompson pulls the trigger. A major move would put the Packers in prime contention for a title, but would require a bit of restructuring (such as fixing Julius Peppers’s contract). If the Packers can pull it off, a player like Von Miller, or Kiko Alonso, isn’t out of their reach.


Here are four teams you should capitalize on as soon as you can. The Packers are the only team I’d maybe hold off on until free agency to see if they’re setting themselves up for a big move. Watch news on Julius Peppers to see if anything happens. If it does, be sure to grab the Packers before their odds move up to around +800.

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