Blake’s 2013 NFL Mock Draft | Round 2

Round 2 NFL Draft Analysis to come soon…

33) Jacksonville Jaguars Select Tank Carradine, Defensive End, Florida State.

Reasoning: Jeremy Mincey had yet another down year, Branch didn’t really show much and Carradine is a dynamic pass rusher and a major steal, teams may be hesitant to take him because of his torn ACL but he seems to think he will be ready even before the draft.

34) San Francisco 49ers Select Zach Ertz, Tight End, Stanford.

Reasoning: Walker is a free agent and the 49ers run a lot of 2 tight end sets, Ertz may not be the best blocking tight end but he sure can do so and will give Kaepernick yet another target to help the offense.

35) Philadelphia Eagles Select Jesse Williams, Nose Tackle, Alabama.

Reasoning: The Eagles are transitioning to a 3-4, they already filled their other Defensive end spot with Floyd now they fill in their NT with Williams which is great filling up space.

36) Detroit Lions Select Eric Reid, Safety, LSU.

Reasoning: As I was explaining in the first round the Lion’s secondary is horrible, they took Milliner and they will continue upgrading their secondary with Reid who is good in the run and flashes at times in the pass.

37) Cincinnati Bengals Select Manti Te’o, Middle Linebacker, Notre Dame.

Reasoning: The Media circle will be over soon with Te’o who could play strong side or middle for the Bengals improving their linebacker core since Lawson is leaving as a free agent.

38) Arizona Cardinals Select Matt Barkley, Quarterback, USC.

Reasoning: The Cardinals get the Quarterback they want a round later, Barkley will have a decent line with Potter at Right Tackle and Joeckel at Left to give him time to get the ball to Floyd and Fitzgerald.

39) New York Jets Select Robert Woods, Wide Receiver, USC.

Reasoning: A reason for Sanchez’s bad play was 1. No protection and 2. No receivers after Holmes went down could you blame the guy? He might as well throw the ball up and see if he could run fast enough to catch it, Woods is very versatile and can play inside and outside positions.

40) Tennessee Titans Select Jamar Taylor, Cornerback, Boise State.

Reasoning: Verner is a free agent and they Titans have absolutely no cornerback depth, the Titans could sign another corner as well or double dip at the corner position.

41) Buffalo Bills Select Arthur Brown, Middle Linebacker, Kansas State.

Reasoning: Nick Barnett has been released and Sheppard isn’t very good the Bills need to improve their linebacking core to ever compete in the AFC East.

42) Miami Dolphins Select Quinton Patton, Wide Receiver, Louisiana Tech.

Reasoning: Hartline is a free agent and if the Dolphins expect

Tannehill to keep progressing they need to give him weapons.

43) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Select Tyler Eifert, Tight End, Notre Dame.

Reasoning: Luke Stocker is horrible, and Dallas Clark is aging free agent, Freeman needs more consistent targets to ever reach his maximum potential, Eifert can be a great receiving threat and help him do so.

44) Carolina Panthers Select Johnathan Hankins, Defensive Tackle, Ohio State.

Reasoning: The Panthers run defense was abysmal and need a big body like Hankins to swallow up blockers and get into the back field.

45) San Diego Chargers Select Larry Warford, Offensive Guard, Kentucky

Reasoning: Vasquez is a free agent and if they don’t resign him they will have to take a guard, Warford is a very powerful guard who is capable of playing at the Left Guard position finishing up the Chargers left side of the line.

46) St. Louis Rams Select Terron Armstead, Offensive Tackle, Arkansas Pine-Bluff.

Reasoning: The Rams need to protect Sam Bradford’s glass shoulder and give him time to get the ball to his receivers if they ever want to get to the next level.

47) Dallas Cowboys Select Matt Elam, Safety, Florida.

Reasoning: Church tore his Achilles and may not be back for a while, Matt Elam isn’t great at coverage, may not even been good but he is excellent in run coverage something the Cowboys struggled in.

48) Pittsburgh Steelers Select Terrance Williams, Wide Receiver, Baylor

Reasoning: Wallace is a free agent and likely to move on they will need another decent receiver to replace him; Williams could develop to being a nice replacement.

49) New York Giants Select Margus Hunt, Defensive End, SMU.

Reasoning: Tuck and Osi pretty much sucked in 2012, they need to upgrade across from JPP and Hunt if he develops well could be great with his power and speed.

50) Chicago Bears Select Kyle Long, Offensive Guard, Oregon.

Reasoning: Guard is a pretty big weakness and Kyle Long is a big upgrade at the position he has good awareness and possess great power and will fit in on the line as an immediate fix.

51) Washington Redskins Select Menelik Watson, Offensive Tackle, Florida State.

Reasoning: Brown is always injured and Watson looks great, he just needs to develop in a right tackle he can do so and become a nice piece on the Redskins offensive front.

52) Minnesota Vikings Select Justin Hunter, Wide Receiver, Tennessee.

Reasoning: The Vikings have no receiver besides Harvin in which they could trade Hunter has great speed and height which should transfer into the NFL nicely the reason I have him falling so far is because inconsistency and the worry of if he can come back 100% from the ACL he suffered two years ago.

53) Cincinnati Bengals Select Sam Montgomery, Defensive End, LSU.

Reasoning: Michael Johnson is a free agent and if they can’t resign them they will need a replacement, Montgomery will be a day one starter and will prove all his school scouts that he has a motor.

54) Miami Dolphins Select Dallas Thomas, Offensive Tackle, Tennessee.

Reasoning: Chris Long had a down year and also is a free agent, they will have to replace him to give Tannehill time to get the Ball to his new receiver, protecting him will be key for the Dolphins in the pass rushing AFC East.

55) Green Bay Packers Select Giovani Bernard, Running Back, North Carolina.

Reasoning: No running back on the Packers is of starting caliber; they need to upgrade that to not make the Packers so one dimensional, Giovani has speed and some power which will make the potent Packer’s offense more explosive.

56) Seattle Seahawks Select Marcus Wheaton, Wide Receiver, Oregon State.

Reasoning: The Seahawks don’t have a legit number 1 receiver; Wheaton could be that with his clean route running and speed making this dangerous offense even more explosive.

57) Houston Texans Select Tyler Bray, Quarterback, Tennessee.

Reasoning: WHAT?!?! You probably think I’m crazy huh? But The Texans need to improve the Quarterback position the next couple of years and why not with an arm talent like Bray? Schaub isn’t as good as he used to be and he is aging and could be gone very soon, time for a great talent in Bray to sit behind Schaub a few years and learn.

58) Denver Broncos Select Phillip Thomas, Safety, Fresno State.

Reasoning: The Broncos need an upgrade over Mike Adams, Thomas is a ball hawk and will help this defense gain turnovers.

59) New England Patriots Select Aaron Dobson, Wide Receiver, Marshall.

Reasoning: The Patriots may lose Welker and Lloyd could be a cap casualty, they need a redo of wide receiver and Dobson is a big guy who can go up and come down with the pass and someone Brady will absolutely love to throw the ball to.

60) Atlanta Falcons Select John Jenkins, Defensive Tackle, Georgia.

Reasoning: The Falcons need someone who can take up blocks and is great in the run, Jenkins is a big man and will do so demanding extra blocks open up pass rushers to get to the quarterback solving The Falcons poor pass rush.

61) San Francisco 49ers Select Brandon Williams, Defensive Tackle, Missouri Southern State.

Reasoning: The 49ers pass rush just died after Justin Smith was injured, the 9ers need NT/DT depth and Williams can do so with both his power and agility and also will become their DE/NT in a few years or if Smith doesn’t return after his contract expires in 2014.

62) Baltimore Ravens Select Sharmarko Thomas, Safety, Syracuse.

Reasoning: Reed may leave via free agency and the Ravens need to upgrade this position to keep a decent secondary intact.


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