Betting tips on the NFL Super Bowl

Although the new NFL season is yet to get in full swing, the buzz around the opening of the season is as big as ever. The Super Bowl may still seem a distant prize on the horizon for most teams and fans at the moment. The one group who will be thinking that far ahead are those interested in NFL betting.
Many will be looking at laying outright bets on who may life the title at the end of the season. The early stages of the season will offer up a good indication as to who may be a good tip to win the Superbowl.

The hot favourites in the eyes of the bookies are the Broncos, who have made a spectacular start to the season by winning all five of their first AFC West matches. Currently the Broncos are 11/4 odds-on favourites, but both the Seahawks and the Saints are also on low odds and will be looking to battle for the title. The saints have had a great start with a one hundred percent winning start to the season in the NFC South, while the Seahawks have won four out of five. What comes as a surprise to those outside of the NFL is the current Super Bowl champions, the Ravens, are considered a comparative outsider at 33/1, despite leading their division (AFC North) and holding on to many of the key players from last season. At those odds they look a decent bet again. If choosing a winner is to tough then may be an NFL slot game at a site like would be a good alternative.

The popularity of these games is obvious from the fact that more of them seem to be appearing all the time, but the one that still seems to be the top one is $5 Million Touchdown. The fact that the name of this slot refers to the size of the jackpot obviously helps with this, but the touchdown bonus game featuring high quality video graphics of an NFL game, also plays a big role in making this game so great for fans of the sport. Indeed the NFL theme is really well developed throughout this game, as the reel icons in the main game feature players, footballs, whistles and cheerleaders, all set against a backdrop of an NFL football pitch.

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