2016 NFL Draft Quarterback Rankings

2016 NFL Draft QB Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

1. Christian Hackenburg, Penn St.

Hackenburg should be the most advanced QB seen since Andrew Luck. This guy knows a pro system, has an elite arm, shows great pocket presence, and definitely passes the eye test. Bill O’Brien has personally groomed Hackenburg. This kid has an attitude though. If he can show a little poise, and be more of a leader, he is your number one overall pick.


2. Gunner Kiel, Cincinnati

Kiel is certainly a dark horse. Sought after by every major program in the country, Kiel passed through a few schools, seemingly unwilling to compete for a job. Maybe he’s a prima donna? At any rate, Kiel obviously wanted the starting job handed to him. He has all the intangibles an NFL scout will want, and the respected Tommy Tuberville will be developing him.


3. Nate Sudfield, Indiana

Who? Sudfield looks the part of an NFL QB. With a lack luster line and receivers, Sudfield and Tevin Coleman carried the team at Indiana. Sudfield will draw two comparisons. One, to Roethlisburger because of how he stands tall and takes a beating. The second is Matt Ryan, who really compares accurately to Sudfields stats and size. If Sudfield can stay healthy, and lead Indiana to even the worst bowl, he’ll shoot up draft boards.


4. Connor Cook, Michigan St.

Cook would have seen a first round grade out in 2015, but chose to go back to school. Cook is solid, but not spectacular. His arm is strong, but inaccurate. Cook is a better Kirk Cousins. Like Cousins, Cook will be a solid game manager, and a very good player in a top system. However, he may never be great.


5. Jared Goff, California

Goff is a QB who will put up big numbers, and is getting a lot of press. He’s solid, very athletic, and a great leader. He’ll need some weight for the NFL. He’s a bit on the wispy side, and he will be coming from an offense tailored to his arm. Development will be the key word for a team wanting to draft Goff in the first round.



Don’t Believe the Hype


1. Dak Prescott, Mississippi St.- So much T.V. time for Prescott, and some Talking Heads are declaring Prescott to be a super athlete. Prescott is Tebow Jr. Coming from a gimmick scheme, Prescott has neither the size nor the presence to be an NFL QB immediately.

2. Cardale Jones, Ohio St.– Some Draftniks have Jones going #1 overall in 2016 mocks. Why? What did he do? He’s a 3rd stringer who had a moment. Coach Meyer publicly criticized Jones’ maturity and work ethic. Problem two: name one Urban Meyer QB to make it in the pros.

3. Cody Kessler, USC– Kessler is the product of a system, and the system has seen little success lately. Kessler is a small framed guy, who could have an NFL future, but he will need a lot of work.


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