2015 NFL QB’s via Trade and Free Agency

2015 NFL Quarterback Situations

By Tyler Lurkins

Without any question, the most valuable player on a football squad needs to be a quarterback. It’s hard to win championships without a competent signal caller.

Many teams are searching desperately to find a quality leader for their offense. However, the draft is especially weak, the free agency market may be weaker, and it doesn’t appear that a hot backup is available for trade.

This is a list of possible quarterback options for NFL teams in need.

2015 NFL QB Draft Prospects


Brian Hoyer-Hoyer really hasn’t done anything special. With such a horrid market, maybe the leadership Hoyer brings will be welcomed by a NFL team.

Mark Sanchez-Sanchez has taken teams to the…Sanchez has been the quarterback on teams that have been to the playoffs. It shouldn’t be surprising to see a team take a flyer on Sanchez to compete for a starting spot.

Jake Locker-Locker still hasn’t shown his full potential. At times, he looks very decent, but has major inconsistency and injury concerns.

Ryan Mallett-Mallett will intrigue teams simply because of the coaches that he’s been under.


Jay Cutler-Not a soul questions Cutler’s talent. If a team wants his contract, it’s almost certain the Bears will let Cutler move on. If Mike Shanahan lands a coaching spot, Cutler trade rumors will begin flying.

Nick Foles-Foles is the leader in Philadelphia, but never rule out the Chip Kelly factor. For the right price, Foles could very well be on another team. Though Foles gets the Eagles wins, he still isn’t the wow factor that Chip wants. This draft contains read option stars that most NFL teams pass on. Hundley, Zach Prescott, Shane Carden, Cody Fajardo, Brandon Bridges, Chuckie Keeton, Blake Sims, and/or Taylor Kelly could wind up Eagles.

Kirk Cousins-Cousins did will under the Shanahans and Cleveland has extra picks. Cousins didn’t impress under Gruden, but Cousins is still a better option on some teams.

Matt Schaub-A former household name, Schaub has diminished into almost nothing. The reason he makes the list, Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak are interviewing for coaching gigs. Schaub knows the system well and could be brought in to compete or mentor.

Ryan Nassib-Nassib was once highly rated, and is in a very disciplined Tom Coughlin system.

Aaron Murray-Murray’s football knowledge is respected. Murray could be valuable with teams implementing the west coast offense.

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