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NFL Draft Playoff Team needs

by Tyler Lurkins

Cincinnati Bengals

1. DE-The Bengals had zero pass rush.

2. DT-Neither Peko or Atkins played consistently throughout the year.

3. LB-Maualuga may be gone, will Burfict play ILB? If Burfict goes in who play WLB?

Pittsburgh Steelers

1. CB-The Steelers just don’t have that shut down guy anymore.

2. S-The secondary was poor. Polamalu has been a star in the past, but he has nothing left.

3. OLB-Lacking the dominant pass rush may have been the reason the secondary was exposed.

Detroit Lions

1. DT-With or without Suh, the Lions will need to find a ton of help at the DT spot.

2. CB-Mathis is aging and the Lions could bolster their secondary in this division.

3. O line-Will Sims be back, will Swanson improve, and can Detroit do better at RT?

Arizona Cardinals

1. ILB-Arizona struggled mightily last year, and if Washington is gone, will be just as bad this year.

2. OLB-The Cardinals need someone who can consistently blitz off the edge.

3. G-Cooper is a bust. In this division, the Cardinals better find a way to keep Palmer upright.

Carolina Panthers

1. O line-Newton can’t take the abuse two years in a row. Find him a LT and a supporting cast!

2. CB-The secondary really got torched at times last year.

3. RB-If Carolina had a solid, dependable running game, the offense would be more dangerous.

Baltimore Ravens

1. CB-Even after injuries, the corner spot could be upgraded.

2. RB-The Ravens need to find someone as talented as Forsett, only a few years younger.

3. WR-Torrey Smith is gone and Steve Smith only has a couple good years left.

Dallas Cowboys

1. DE-With the O line in shape, it’s time to bolster the D line.

2. RB-Until Murray is resigned, Dallas has no solid RB’s on the roster.

3. S-Wilcox has never panned out.

Denver Broncos

1. TE-Sounds like Julius Thomas is gone, that leaves a major hole.

2. O line-If Manning goes, the team goes. The C play is terrible. They’ll need a RT. What will happen with Clady?

3. NT-Knighton is gone, but Wade Phillilps prefers smaller NT’s anyway.

Indianapolis Colts

1. ILB-This defense can go without a safety, but if they don’t shore up the middle, the Colts will be blasted on the ground.

2. RB-Richardson was a bust. Indy will need an elite runner for Luck.

3. S-Both safeties need upgrading, but the market is very weak.

Green Bay Packers

1. ILB-You can’t take your best rusher and move him inside. The Pack needs a solid ILB.

2. NT-Raji is gone. The organization has stated they want more mobility on the front three.

3. TE-Prospects have went in and out, Green Bay needs a reliable playmaker at TE.

Seattle Seahawks

1. DT-Seattle often was exposed in the run game. They need more active DT’s.

2. TE-Wilson often needs a check down guy. When will Seattle put legit pass catchers around Wilson?

3. WR-Harvin was in the plans, but never panned out. It’s obvious Seattle needs an explosive WR.

New England Patriots

1. G-Brady needs to stay upright.]

2. RB-Enough of the average committee backs. Get a franchise workhorse.

3. CB-Revis won his Super Bowl, will he be back at a discount?


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