2014 NFL Power Rankings | Week 11

Week 11 Power Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

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1. New England-The Pats stay on top this week.  Yet they face a tough challenge facing Indy next


2. Denver-Denver wins big again.  Though they’re a two loss team, they have some easy matchups

coming up, including going to St. Louis next week.

3. Arizona-Arizona is a gritty team.  They play hard and patient, waiting for their opportunities. 

They’ll host the Lions next week in a true test.

4. Detroit-This week, Detroit leap frogs KC in the rankings.  Detroit drove down the field to beat a

solid Miami team.  If Palmer is out for Arizona, Detroit could skate next week as they travel


5. Kansas City-Buffalo isn’t a joke at all.  However, KC won again with no passing TD’s.  This is all

fine and dandy until KC plays a great team, with a great D.  The Chiefs need to show more

offensively to keep in the top 5.

6. Philadelphia-

7. Indianapolis-Indy looks great on paper.  The D needs more consistency, and maybe they haven’t

played a super tough schedule.  Let’s see how Indy can play against a red hot Patriot team next


8. Dallas-How long can Romo sustain the pressures of the NFL with a broken back?  Dallas can’t

win without him, but they luckily roll into their bye week now to heal up.

9. Green Bay-Win Green Bay is on, they’re on.  Will this new defensive scheme be the key to

guaranteed victories?

10. Cleveland-Cleveland deserves to sniff the top 10.  Much like Arizona, they just find ways to win,

even though it’s not pretty.  Their position in this pole is the average of their record, and their

talent.  Houston has a top notch D, and could give Cleveland a run for their money next week.

11. Seattle-Seattle looks better and better by the week.  Viewers will see the game of the week as

Seattle travels to KC next week.

12. Miami-Miami suffered a tough loss in Detroit, but ultimately failed to bring home the win.  The

Fins host Buffalo in what will be a great matchup next week.

13. San Francisco-San Francisco moves up in the rankings with a win at New Orleans.  From here on,

they play a relatively easy schedule.  Hopefully the Niners learn to sync up and perform better

while playing these weak teams.

14. Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh will slide the most, as they lost to one of the worst teams in the league. 

It’s hard to rate the Steelers as the talent is there, but the performance sometimes isn’t. 

Travelling to Tennessee should make for an easy win next week.

15. Baltimore-Though a win over Tennessee, Baltimore won’t live down the beating from Pittsburgh

the week before.  They get a much needed bye week this week.

16. Cincinnati-Cincy is going to face New Orleans for a must win game.  This team can not continue

to flutter in the wind.  Dalton needs to step up, earn his contract, and get this team settled


17. Buffalo-The coaching lost the game in Kansas City, though Orton blew a few shots in the end

zone with under two minutes left.  This team is right on the cusp of being very good. 

18. San Diego-After giving a couple games away, the Bolts come off the bye week to face a horrible

Raiders team.

19. Houston-Houston is one QB shy from being excellent.  Will Mallet be the cure?  Cleveland’s D is

fierce, but can Houston’s D put the Browns down?

20. Minnesota-Slowly, but surely, the Vikes continue to grow and improve.  Leaving the bye week,

they’ll get a down trodden Bears team.

21. New Orleans-New Orleans is a better team with the arrival of Cooks and a healthy Graham.  The

D still can’t find a way to buckle down.  It’s do or die time with the Saints as they host the

Bengals next week.

22. Atlanta-The Falcons produced a weak win versus Tampa.  With the division still up for grabs, the

Birds have to beat Carolina next week.

23. Carolina-

24. New York Giants-Beckham Jr, is the only bright spot on this team.  The team continues to block

or play defense.  San Francisco flies in next week.

25. Chicago-Will this be the worst team in Chicago franchise history?  What will the Bears do about

Cutler?  This team doesn’t have much to play for, but will hopefully find a victory against the

growing Vikings.

26. St. Louis-St. Louis finds another way to lose.  However, they may be one QB away from being a

very decent team.  Bad news for St. Louis, they land the Broncos next week.

27. Washington-Hopefully the Skins can profit from the bye week.  Though their season is over, it

will mean a lot for a new coach to beat a failing team, like the Bucs, next week.

28. New York Jets-A win over Pittsburgh?  The Jets found a good team to beat and are rewarded

with a bye week.  Again, the talent is there, but the team doesn’t perform.

29. Tennessee-How can a team with such an overpowering O line struggle so much in the run

game?  This team simply can’t put it together.  Now the Titans host a ticked off Steelers team

next week.

30. Jacksonville-For a second there, it looked like the Jags may discover a couple wins.  However,

the team always finds a way to not find the end zone.  Maybe the bye week will get this team


31. Tampa Bay-Another horrible loss for Tampa.  Maybe the Bucco’s can find a way to beat the

struggling Redskins next week.

32. Oakland-Surely Oakland will find a way to win one game….but it might not happen.

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