2014 NFL Draft Power Rankings Week 14

Tyler’s 2014 NFL Draft Power Rankings Week 14

Tyler’s Mock Draft

1.  Green Bay-The Pack/Pat game didn’t disappoint many NFL fans, it was a hard fought win for the

Pack.  The host the low flying Falcons next week.

2. New England-The Patriot offense did well, the D just couldn’t stop Rodgers.  The Pats fly out

west to face the Chargers next.

3. Denver –A win of KC keeps the Ponies here, but they can’t lose focus on the visiting Bills next


4. Detroit-The Lions keep pushing forward and the hosting the Bucs should be an easy match up

next week.

5. Philadelphia-Philly looked extremely tough with Sanchez at the helm, the Seahawks come to

town at full strength for a great showdown.

6. Kansas City-It’s hard to keep this team this high.  The D is very capable, the run game is amazing,

but this receiving corps MUST get into the end zone.  One dimensional teams often fail early in

the playoffs.  The Chiefs will have a good shot at beating the struggling Cards next.

7. Indianapolis-This team is also one dimensional, they only have an offense.  This D coughed up 21

to Washington; Cleveland will be a tough match for the Colts next week.

8. San Diego-Two very close wins, but they are still wins.  The Bolts are good, but probably not

good enough to take down the Pats on Sunday.

9. Dallas-Philly is a tough team to beat, but if Dallas wants to make the playoffs, they have two

weeks to figure out how to beat the Eagles.

10. Arizona-Injuries, mistakes, and perhaps overexposure are taking a toll on the Birds.  The season

isn’t over, but the Cardinals will need to take down the Chiefs now.

11. Miami-Miami has played a very strong schedule and are fighting for a playoff berth.  The Ravens

come to Miami in a must win.

12. Seattle-Seattle is almost at full strength, and they’re angry.  Can they figure out the explosive

Philly offense next Sunday?

13. Buffalo-What is Buffalo missing to keep them consistent?  The Bills continue to grind out a

decent season, but they have to travel to Denver next.

14. Cincinnati-Tampa gave the game to the Bengals.  The Steelers won’t be messing around next

week.  Dalton better earn his paycheck. 

15. Pittsburgh-New Orleans flat brought it against Pittsburgh.  If Pittsburgh can’t beat Cincy next

week, the can almost kiss their playoff hopes good bye.

16. San Francisco-The Niners just aren’t clicking.  Koepernick isn’t having a good year despite all the

weapons around him.  At least San Fran gets the struggling Raiders next week.

17. Baltimore-The Ravens are still alive despite the loss versus the Chargers.  However, they still

need to travel and beat a very tough Miami team.

18. Cleveland-Is it time for the Manziel era?  Cleveland still lacks consistency and needs to contain

Andrew Luck on Sunday.

19. Houston-Houston keeps hanging in there, but they are playing a fairly easy schedule.  A matchup

against the Jags should put Houston over .500.

20. New Orleans-New Orleans is head to head with the Falcons for the division title.  The Saints

need to close out an easy schedule for a playoff berth, starting against the Panthers.

21. Minnesota-Minnesota’s D is blazing the way, but the team is continuing to grow.  They’ll face a

very weak Jets team next week.

22. St. Louis-When St. Louis wants to play, they’re very tough.  They travel to D.C. to face a

struggling Washington team.

23. Atlanta-Is Atlanta back on track?  They may be, but it’s doubtful they get past a tough Packers

team in Green Bay.

24. Chicago-Chicago continues to struggle.  The weather may be to Chicago’s favor as they face the

warm weather Cowboys next week.

25. Carolina-Hopefully Cam Newton isn’t beat up so badly that it destroys his career.  The Panthers

still have a small window to make the playoffs, but they’ll need to get past the Saints.

26. Tampa Bay-The Bucs beat themselves against Cincy.  The team seems to improve just a shade

each week, but it’s doubtful they can overcome a tough Lions team.

27. New York Giants-Seven games in a row…all losses.  The Giants don’t have the magic this year. 

They’ll travel to Tennessee; it’s hard to guess which team will win this one.

28. Washington-Gruden looks so disgusted; it’s possible he will be out after only one year.  The

Skins host a defensive oriented Rams team.

29. Tennessee-The Titans are struggling and they’ll host the Giants next week.  The Titans really

need to squeak out of win to show improvement. 

30. Jacksonville-Jacksonville came out strong and never gave up against the Giants.  They have a

solid chance as they host the Texans next week.

31. New York Jets-So many talented players, but so many gaping holes on the roster too.  The Jets

will surprise from time to time, but overall they’re a very poor team.

32. Oakland-The Raiders, riding high on a win, came out flat against the Rams.

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