2013 Underclassmen declared for the NFL Draft

2013 NFL Draft, Declared Underclassman


Alvin Bailey, G, Arkansas-6’5”, 310 lbs.-A massive run blocker, Bailey carries a ton of traits that will get him noticed in the NFL.  Although not a poor pass blocker,  Bailey needs a lot of coaching for protection in the next level.  With a coach coming in who excels with big linemen, Bailey may have been better served to stay one more year.  ROUND:3

Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee-6’6”, 215 lbs.-Bray possesses the most gifted arm in this draft.  He can toss the deep ball, and spin it hard and tight in close quarters.  The problem is, he’s very arrogant, and gambles by passing into tight coverage.  His mechanics are a shade poor also.  If his unlimited potential outweighs his brash attitude, Bray is a top 5 pick.  If he stayed in school one more year, he’s the top QB in 2014.  With a new coach and new system, Bray can’t be blamed for coming out.  ROUND:1-2

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee-6’3”, 205 lbs.-A JUCO transfer, Patterson has burst on the scene in Tennessee.  He is a stellar return man, and a home run hitter.  Patterson can make the big play, but will also drop the ball on easy plays.  Lacking route running skills, he may not make the first round and should have waited a year.  Think Brian Quick.  ROUND:2-3



David Amerson, CB, N. Carolina St.-6’2”, 195 lbs.-Amerson is having an average year.  It’s hard to match the production he had in 2011.  His size is very coveted, but his speed, and sometimes over aggressiveness, is a concern.  If Amerson waited a year, he would be a top 15 pick.  ROUND:2

Akeem Spence, DT, Illinois-6’1”, 300 lbs.-Spence is highly athletic, with an extreme amount of burst.  In the middle of a highly underperforming defense, Spence has not produced as much as other tackles.  Yet, he has done enough to stay on the radear.  Much like Corey Luiget, Spence could vault into the first round with excellent work outs.  ROUND:3

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