2013 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

Week 6 Power Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

  1. Denver (5-0)-Might as well make it 6-0 as the Broncos host Jacksonville.
  2. New Orleans(5-0)-Though moving the ball very well, the Saints need to stop the New England pass rush next.
  3. Kansas City(5-0)-Kansas City is a very respectable team, though probably not able to keep up with the top two teams.  Oakland could be a surprise for the Chiefs in week 6.
  4. Seattle(4-1)-Seattle is almost guaranteed wins at home and they’ll host a banged up Titans team next.
  5. New England(4-1)-The Patriots are never an easy ranking.  Even after a loss, the Patriots are tough to face at home.
  6. Indianapolis(4-1)-The Colts are a great story, and should continue to play well at San Diego.
  7. San Francisco(3-2)-The Niners have started with a rough schedule, but should easily put away Arizona at home.
  8. Green Bay(2-2)-A slow start for the Pack, but pound for pound, they’re as good as any team in the top 10.  They’ll see a good match up in Baltimore.
  9. Dallas(2-3)-Dallas is an explosive team, and they provide tough matchups offensively.  Hosting Washington, Dallas should deservedly be here next week anyway.
  10. Cincinnati(3-2)-When the offense fires on all cylinders, the Bengals will be a hard team to stop.  They’ll host a Bills team with a free agent QB.
  11. Miami(3-2)-Miami will need to play more consistent, and find more balance to stay this high for the whole year.
  12. Baltimore(3-2)-Baltimore hasn’t impressed many, but have a huge home game against the Packers.
  13. Detroit(3-2)-Detroit isn’t much without Calvin Johnson apparently.  Their tough front four should play havoc on a Weeden led Cleveland team.
  14. Tennessee(3-2)-After a promising start, can Fitzpatrick replace Locker?  Probably not in Seattle.
  15. Chicago(3-2)-Their D is showing up, but the Bears still can’t keep Cutler upright.  This is a boom or bust team.
  16. Cleveland(3-2)-Weeden can play better, but the team and city want Hoyer more.  Going into Detroit, Cleveland will need to win to show they are legit.
  17. Arizona(3-2)-Arizona quietly pulled out three wins.  However, their line stands little chance against San Francisco on the road.
  18. New York Jets(2-2)-The Jets are going to be very sporadic all season.   They’ll host a reeling Steelers team next week.
  19. Oakland(2-3)-Oakland may be an upset in Kansas City next week.  With little star power, this team surprises with great play calling and big plays.
  20. San Diego(2-3)-The team has the firepower to win, but can’t seem to pull it all together.  Hosting the Colts won’t be an easy game for them.
  21. Philadelphia(2-3)-McCoy is unstoppable, but will D’s key on him as Foles takes the helm?  Tampa should be a simple issue for Foles though.
  22. Houston(2-3)-Maybe Houston’s window has closed.  The Rams can be dangerous, especially on defense.
  23. Atlanta(1-3)-The Falcons look too conservative on offense and are marred by injuries.  A bye week is what they need.
  24. Minnesota(1-3)-The record doesn’t show a gritty team with a ton of star power.  The Vikes host Carolina, and the following week may have a franchise QB taking the reigns.
  25. Buffalo(2-3)-With Manuel, it will be hard for the Bills to compete offensively.  Their tough D will have to play error free against the Bengals.
  26. St. Louis(2-3)-Maybe a tune up game against the Jaguars is what the Rams needed.  They’ll travel to Houston.
  27. Washington(1-3)-Facing the Cowboys will be no easy task.  Especially when RG3 is yet to show exploision.
  28. Carolina(1-3)-With rumors have a head coach search, combined with a depressed Cam Newton, it’s doubtful Carolina sees the top half of the power rankings.
  29. New York Giants(0-5)-Begin the coaching search as the struggling Giants go to Chicago to play a ruthless Bears D.
  30. Pittsburgh(0-5)-The curse of Todd Haley hits Pittsburgh.  The Jets should be a very even good matchup for a team needing a trademark win.
  31. Tampa Bay(0-5)-With disarray in the locker room and losing a well known QB, Tampa will have a rough year.
  32. Jacksonville(0-5)-The “Get Slaughtered for Bridgewater” campaign has begun.  Jacksonville will struggle mightily to win one game this year.

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