2013 NFL Mock Draft recent declared underclassmen

NFL Mock Draft Recently declared underclassmen as of 12/27/12

DeAndre Coleman, DT, Cal-6’4”, 305 lbs.-Interesting decision here, as Coleman has only been a full time starter for one year.  With only three sacks this season and five for his career, Coleman isn’t going to be a head turner.  He is fairly explosive and has plenty of experience as 5 technique end.  With little depth in the latter rounds, Coleman will be drafted.  ROUND:5-6

Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame-6’5”, 250 lbs.-Eifert is the consensus #1 TE in the draft.  Excelling at both blocking and receiving, he’s sure to be a first round pick.  ROUND:1

Tony Jefferson, CB/FS, Oklahoma-5’11”, 205 lbs.-A superb blitzer and playmaker, Jefferson will draw some attention if he can get his 40 under 4.40.  Although very physical and recognizant, Jefferson needs to work on his technique, especially in coverage.  It’s also rumored he is simply declaring to follow his close friend, Kenny Stills.  One more year may have elevated him to the first round, and as it sits, he has a TON of talent to be picked through in front of him.  ROUND:3

Trey Millard, FB, Oklahoma-6’1”, 255 lbs.-It appears that this may be a bad decision.  Here is a player, who plays a position that isn’t widely valued in the NFL.  However, this draft is weak in TE’s and FB’s.  Millard is a super tough, technical, lead blocker with some pass catching abilities.  Many teams are searching for a skilled lead blocker in their schemes, and Millard is the best in this year’s crop.  Plus, the offensive stars of Oklahoma are all graduating.  ROUND:5

Kenny Stills, WR, Oklahoma-6’0”, 190 lbs.-Stills is an explosive player who always seems to hit the home run.  He can give a team a deep threat, but is solid enough to sit in the slot.  However, he is facing tough competition in this draft.  Also, he seems to be a little sketchy.  A DUI arrest, in addition to several poor twitter posts may not help his stock.  Stills’ predecessor, Ryan Broyles, was better and slid to the bottom of the second round, Stills won’t come close to being that high of a pick.  ROUND:4

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