2013 NFL Draft Underclassmen as of 01.14.13

2013 NFL Draft, Declared Underclassman


2013 NFL Draft, Declared Underclassman


Brandon Moore, DT, Texas-6’5”, 322 lbs.-Moore has made poor decisions throughout his career. Dismissed from Alabama, Moore flashed some greatness as a backup to Marcel Dareus. Moore went the JuCo route and ended up in Texas. Moore needs another year in college, but he will be drafted. He is extremely athletic but very, very raw. ROUND:6

Nickell Robey, CB, USC-5’7”, 165 lbs.-Robey is extremely fast and extremely explosive. He is a dynamic playmaker, but his size limits his draftability. There is some unrest at USC, but Robey has been given a day three grade by the draft committee. ROUND: 5

Cierre Wood, RB, Notre Dame-6’, 215 lbs.-Wood should have stayed in school and worked towards winning a championship. Not overly fast, not overly tough, not a particularly good blocker, Wood is nothing more than a late round pick. ROUND: 7


Josh Boyce, WR, TCU-5’11, 205 lbs.-Boyce has not been overly productive in TCU. However, he is a very good route runner with soft hands, and has been the primary weapon in TCU’s offense. Although assuredly getting drafted, Boyce is irrelevant in this draft and should have stayed in school. ROUND: 6

David Bakhtiari, OT, Colorado-6’4”, 295 lbs.-Under the radar, Bakhtiari has established himself as a smooth and reliable LT. Though another year would have brought him more recognition, he has been one of the best lineman in the big 12. Watch for Bakhtiari to be a big sleeper in the draft who could go as high as round 2. ROUND: 3

Terrance Brown, CB, Stanford-6’1, 180 lbs.-Brown is a steady tackler, but isn’t the best cover corner. Declaring for the draft makes no sense. ROUND: 6

Gavin Escobar, TE, San Diego St.-6’6”, 255 lbs.-Escobar is heavy utilized receiver at SDSU. Although a steady pass catcher, Escobar could use a year to learn how to block. At 22 years old though, Escobar isn’t getting younger and his draft status won’t improve a whole lot next year anyway. ROUND: 4

Chris Faulk, OT, LSU-6’6”, 325 lbs.-Another LSU star declares. Faulk is returning from injury, but before that, he was one of the best in the business. Maybe a year in school would elevate Faulk to the 1st round. Yet, another injury will drop him out of the draft. With the weak class of LT’s in this draft, a team will surely nab him early. ROUND: 3

D.J. Fluker, T, Alabama-6’6”, 340 lbs.-With Fluker improving greatly as the year went on, it makes sense to turn pro. He is big, powerful run blocker who can only play RT or some G in the NFL. Although a fairly stiff pass blocker, Fluker uses his arms to knock the pass rusher off route. Fluker could slide into the first round. ROUND: 2

Kwame Geathers, NT, Georgia-6’5, 355 lbs.-The advisory board gave Geathers a 3-6 round draft rating. With Georgia losing so many D starters, it’s a sure bet Geathers would have been the centerpiece of the D next year. Projecting as nothing more than a mammoth stuffer with limited mobility, Geathers will be chosen late. ROUND: 5

Brandon Kaufman, WR, E. Washington-6’4”. 220 lbs.-Two things for Kaufman is he is very reliable and he is very big. This may not be the best career move for Kaufman, but with the slew of tiny receivers in the draft, a team may take a look at Kaufman in the later rounds. ROUND: 6

Eddie Lacey, RB, Alabama-5’10”, 220 lbs.-Lacey may have taken the top running back spot over. Lacey is a true three down back for the NFL. With the size to hit the hole violently, Lacey also has breakaway speed and fantastic moves. Lacey has been marred with minor, nagging injuries, but wasn’t overused at Alabama. With a good combine, he very well could go in the first. ROUND: 2

Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama-6’1”, 195 lbs.-Milliner is the consensus top corner in the draft. He is a big, physical ballhawk. Although he is the top corner, he isn’t a Peterson or Claiborne. Milliner lacks that elite speed and has only been a corner for a year. Definitely a round one prospect, he may slide out of the top 10. ROUND: 1

Kyle Padron, QB, E. Washington-6’4”, 230 lbs.-When at SMU, Padron was an exciting player. He has a rocket for an arm and great mobility, but that’s where the NFL scouts stop. Accuracy, decision making, footwork, fundamentals, among other traits, need work. Padron will not be drafted. ROUND: Undrafted

Joseph Randle, RB, Oklahoma St.-6’1”, 200 lbs.-Randle may have been best served staying in school. This draft is too laden with talent and he will have a tough time staying in the top 4 rounds. Sure Randle has the size, but he isn’t overly muscular and will get a few knocks on his ability to shoulder the load. Yet he is extremely quick and almost untouchable after running past the first level. ROUND: 4

Darrington Sentimore, DT, Tennessee-6’2”, 290 lbs.-After transferring from Alabama, to Tennessee, Sentimore saw limited production as a 5 technique end. His athleticism is great, but it’s the inability to use it that will see him go undrafted. ROUND: Undrafted

Menelik Watson, OT, Florida St.-6’5”, 320 lbs.-Did anyone else watch the bowl game and here the analysts say, “Watson could be a great talent” over and over again? Watson is just that, a raw talent with limited experience playing football. Extremely agile for his size and with the lack of talent in tackle’s, Watson may be an early round projection. Zone blocking teams will drool over him. ROUND: 3

Steve Williams, CB, Cal-5’10”, 180 lbs.-Williams isn’t much of a corner. The only way he is drafted is with his rumored speed. ROUND: Undrafted

Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington St.-6’4”, 185 lbs.-Once a highly rated NFL prospect, Wilson has watched his stock slip. A great pass catcher, Wilson needs to run routes and gain weight. Scouts wander about his separation skills also. Yet he can’t go back to school with his accusations on his head coach. ROUND: 5

Tom Wort, ILB, Oklahoma-6’, 235 lbs.-Wort is a highly recognized, productive LB in college, but his skills will not transfer to the NFL. His size is less than ideal for the middle and he lacks the athleticism for the outside. The best move for Wort was to play his senior season at Oklahoma. ROUND: 7


Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford-6’6”, 250 lbs.-Ertz has his stock teetering in the first round.  This is a good move for the athletic TE.  Although his biggest upside is creating a viable weapon for a QB, Ertz is a surprisingly good blocker and will have several teams after him.  ROUND: 2

Michael Ford, RB, LSU-5’10, 215 lbs.-The whole LSU team is declaring.  There must be a storm brewing down there because it makes no sense for either Ford or Ware to declare.  Ford has limited athleticism, but is nothing more than a power back.  ROUND: 5

Jelani Jenkins, LB, Florida-6’, 235 lbs.-Jenkins, though undersized, is a rangy LB who diagnoses plays quickly.  Although finding ways through the holes, he is often outmatched by stronger blockers.  That, and the fact he is coming off of injury, should be enough to keep Jenkins in school.  ROUND: 4

Luke Joeckel, T, Texas A and M-6’6”, 310 lbs.-Excellent decision for Joeckel here as he may be the top overall pick.  ROUND: Top 5

Levine Toilolo, TE, Stanford-6’7”, 265 lbs.-Horrible decision here.  Toilolo has all the potential in the world and could prove it next season.  Although big and powerful, he is neither an elite pass catcher or blocker.  Teams will give me a glance, and draft him higher than warranted for his shear potential.  ROUND: 3


Bennie Logan, DT, LSU-6’3”, 295 lbs.-This is a tough call.  Logan is a highly talented DT.  His strength is unquestioned and his ability to fight off double teams is a huge plus.  Next year he may be a top 10 pick.  However, he will need a huge combine or Sheldon Richardson and John Jenkins will have to have horrible combines to get into the first round.  Perhaps he will get into the first, but in the second round, once the slew of defensive talent comes off the board, then the offensive QB’s and WR’s are going to be nabbed.  This will truly be a boom or bust call.  ROUND:2

Barkevious Mingo, LB, LSU-Mingo may be considered the most gifted of all the pass rushers.  He is instinctive and quick.  His size will be the issue.  There is little chance he will be a 43 end, and lacks the coverage skills to play SLB.  The NFL loves their pass rushers, and it’s doubtful he will make it out of the top 15.  ROUND: 1

Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU-6’5”, 260 lbs.-Montgomery is slowly slipping out of the first round.  A very balanced DE, he is a very technical player.  The numbers don’t lie, but Montgomery is usually the slowest off the snap and lacks the eliteness of a true pass rusher.  In the long run, Montgomery has too many questions about his ability, and one more year of school may have benefited him.  ROUND: 2


Travis Frederick, C, Wisconsin-6’3”, 335 lbs.-There will be a new regime in Wisconsin, and the talent level is declining a bit next year.  The one thing you can count on with Wisconsin lineman is that they will be highly disciplined and extremely sought after by NFL teams.  ROUND: 2

Jawan Jamison, RB, Rutgers-5’8”, 200 lbs.-Jamison is definite sleeper.  He has the muscular frame to appear to handle an NFL work load, despite his small stature.  He’s only a redshirt sophomore and would benefit by staying in school.  With concerns about ankle injuries, maybe Jamison feels it’s best to declare.  ROUND: 4.

Jarvis Jones, LB, Georgia-6’2”, 240 lbs.-If you’ve never heard of Jones, you have no business reading this.  One thing to keep in mind, Jones has had some major injury red flags.  ROUND:1

Kevin Minter, ILB, LSU-6’1”, 245 lbs.-With most of LSU’s defensive stars leaning towards the pros, Minter’s idea to become eligible is probably a good one.  Minter, on paper, appears to be one of the best in the business, and he certainly produced like the best.  Minter is not overly fast and he is not overly strong.  Although a sure tackler, he is not an electrifying hitter.  ROUND: 3

Justin Pugh, T, Syracuse-6’5”, 295 lbs.-Coming off of injury, his QB graduating, and his coach being interviewed by NFL teams, Pugh needs to declare.  With the shallow class of LT’s in the draft, Pugh is almost guaranteed the 2nd round, and with a great combine, the 1st round.  Weight and strength are issues, but his technique isn’t.  ROUND:2

Jordan Reed, TE, Florida-6’3”, 240 lbs.-Ultimately, Reed’s decision to go pro may be a good one.  Florida will be looking at a few key players leaving, and Reed isn’t utilized as much as he really should be.  He has a smaller frame for desired TE’s, and has done nothing in the red zone for Florida.  Reed is fast and dynamic, but another year to work on his weight and blocking would have been better.  ROUND: 4

Tharold Simon, CB, LSU-6’2”, 193 lbs.-Simon could have used another year to develop as a player.  He is a physical thumper with coveted size.  His speed is adequate and uses his lanky frame to disrupt the catch.  With the shallow depth in elite corner, Simon could hear his named called in the 2nd round.  ROUND: 3

Spencer Ware, RB, LSU-5’11”, 225 lbs.-Rumors are Ware is unhappy because he simply doesn’t get enough touches.  If he transfers, it may not benefit him either.  Ware is simply a plodder, a power back with a limited skill set.  ROUND: 6

Brad Wing, P, LSU-6’2”, 200 lbs.-I’m going to keep this report as personal as possible.  Wing is a nut.  He’s great television.  Wing is always trying to make the tackle, always talking trash on the sidelines, and he is the punter.  I’d like to label him as the Sebastian Janikowski of punters.  Wing has also seen a couple of drug suspensions.  If the NFL can deal with his crap, Wing could be a very successful punter.  ROUND:6



Le’Veon Bell, RB, Michigan St.-6’2”, 245 lbs.-This draft is so defensive laden it makes no sense for a lot of no name offensive players to declare.  Bell may be close to a household name, but he still lacks attributes that would warrant him being highly regarded.  A power back only, Bell can’t block and hasn’t proven himself as a pass catcher.  ROUND: 5

Mike Edwards, CB, Hawaii-5’8” 180 lbs.-Edwards leaving has no bearing.  At Hawaii, he will never get the national attention he needs to.  Although this is a bad move, Edwards is on sleeper alert.  He was a former four star recruit.  The talent is definitely available, but his off field problems, including dismissal from Tennessee, will have keep some teams away from him.  ROUND:5

Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida-6’2”, 305 lbs.-The question is, will Floyd’s stock get any higher?  An almost guaranteed first rounder next year, Floyd will only hope to sneak in the first round this year.  He is explosive, disruptive, and always makes the big play, but the NFL will look for more consistency.  ROUND: 2

William Gholston, DE, Michigan St.-6’6”, 280 lbs.-Gholston has always been recognized as a good talent, but never a great one.  He has a tremendous first step, and a fair motor, but he isn’t a game changer by any means.  It’s not certain his draft stock will ever be higher than it was last year.  ROUND: 4

Joe Kruger, DE, Utah-6’6”, 280 lbs.-This isn’t a horrible decision.  Kruger would surely benefit for one more year, but with all the tape on Lotulelei, Kruger will get noticed.  With the lack of depth on the back end of the draft, Kruger will get picked up.  ROUND: 4

Dion Sims, TE, Michigan St.-In a weak TE class, Sims will declare.  Sims has all the talent in the world, but has been mostly injury prone throughout his young career.  The other knock is Sims has had a felony, and will have to man up to that.  A healthy Sr. year would have vaulted Sims higher so this isn’t the greatest move.  ROUND: 5

Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida St.-6’4”, 255 lbs.-After seeing the stock drops of Jenkins and Carradine, Werner is making a very good move.  Already considered one of the top 5 talents in the draft, Werner has burst on the scene and seems to be a very reliable player.  ROUND: 1


Alec Ogletree, ILB, Georgia-6’3”, 235 lbs.-Ogletree is highly sought after.  He has sideline to sideline play skills.  Explosive off the snap and diagnosing plays quickly, Ogletree will fit in any scheme as a middle linebacker.  It’s yet to see how his strength measures in the NFL.  He could also use to pack on weight.  May have been best to see another year at Georgia.  ROUND: 2

Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida St.-6’1”, 215 lbs.-Rhodes may have been a top 5 talent in the 2014 draft.  As it is, he still stands to be, at worst, the third best corner in this draft.  Obviously Rhodes stands out with his size advantage.  However, he doesn’t give up a ton of speed for a corner of his size.  A big, physical, corner, Rhodes is a very sound tackler.  ROUND:1


Matt Elam, SS, Florida-5’10”, 205 lbs.-A safety isn’t always the popular choice to go into the first round.  This year, Elam looks like he may slide into the first.  He is an instinctive safety and a tackling machine.  Elam’s stock will never be higher, so he declares.  ROUND:2

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson-6’, 200 lbs.-One would have to question this decision.  In any other draft, such as next year, Hopkins is a sure fire, first rounder.  With the massive amount of defensive talent in front of him, not to mention a couple of other WR’s in front of him, Hopkins should have stayed in school.  Although a stunning playmaker, with a decent frame, Hopkins is not a route runner.  ROUND:2

Stefphon Jefferson, RB, Nevada-5’11”, 205 lbs.-A premier rusher and TD machine at Nevada, Jefferson may never be considered a day 1 prospect.  With Ault departing Nevada, Jefferson may not feel comfortable playing another year.  He will be in the NFL due to his ability to shoulder the load and produce, but he may go undrafted.  ROUND: 6

Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn-6’3”, 245 lbs.-Lemonier is a speedy pass rusher with a great burst.  That’s where it ends.  Lemonier is ok with the run game, but isn’t a spectacular edge setter.  With so many options in front of him, it’s doubtful Lemonier will see his name called until after the middle of the 2nd round.  His best option will be rushing in a 34 defense.  Next year, Lemonier is a can’t miss first rounder.  ROUND: 2

Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A and M-6’4”, 250 lbs.-Moore is one of the most feared and prolific pass rushers in the college ranks.  He has played in a 34 and a 43 scheme with success.  This is a no brainer for Moore as he will be a top 10 pick.  ROUND: 1

Logan Ryan, CB, Rutgers-6’, 190 lbs.-Ryan will be sought after by many scouts.  He has great coverage skills and a decent frame that keeps him from being pushed around.  Ryan is not afraid to stick his nose on a ball carrier either.  Playing for a poor team, Ryan can only see his stock decline as opposing teams shy away from bringing a play his way.  He may not see first round status next year either.  ROUND: 2

Robert Woods, WR, USC-6’1”, 190 lbs.-With his stock dropping into the bottom of the 2nd round, Woods will be criticized for his early entry.  However, what you see is what you get.  Woods isn’t a project.  He has NFL ready route skills, plays the sidelines flawlessly, and has great hands.  Staying in school won’t make him taller or faster.  Don’t forget that he will have a new QB and will be the 2nd receiver behind Lee.  ROUND: 2


DeAndre Coleman, DT, Cal-6’4”, 305 lbs.-Interesting decision here, as Coleman has only been a full time starter for one year.  With only three sacks this season and five for his career, Coleman isn’t going to be a head turner.  He is fairly explosive and has plenty of experience as 5 technique end.  With little depth in the latter rounds, Coleman will be drafted.  ROUND:5-6

Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame-6’5”, 250 lbs.-Eifert is the consensus #1 TE in the draft.  Excelling at both blocking and receiving, he’s sure to be a first round pick.  ROUND:1

Tony Jefferson, CB/FS, Oklahoma-5’11”, 205 lbs.-A superb blitzer and playmaker, Jefferson will draw some attention if he can get his 40 under 4.40.  Although very physical and recognizant, Jefferson needs to work on his technique, especially in coverage.  It’s also rumored he is simply declaring to follow his close friend, Kenny Stills.  One more year may have elevated him to the first round, and as it sits, he has a TON of talent to be picked through in front of him.  ROUND:3

Kenny Stills, WR, Oklahoma-6’0”, 190 lbs.-Stills is an explosive player who always seems to hit the home run.  He can give a team a deep threat, but is solid enough to sit in the slot.  However, he is facing tough competition in this draft.  Also, he seems to be a little sketchy.  A DUI arrest, in addition to several poor twitter posts may not help his stock.  Stills’ predecessor, Ryan Broyles, was better and slid to the bottom of the second round, Stills won’t come close to being that high of a pick.  ROUND:4



Alvin Bailey, G, Arkansas-6’5”, 310 lbs.-A massive run blocker, Bailey carries a ton of traits that will get him noticed in the NFL.  Although not a poor pass blocker,  Bailey needs a lot of coaching for protection in the next level.  With a coach coming in who excels with big linemen, Bailey may have been better served to stay one more year.  ROUND:3

Tyler Bray, QB, Tennessee-6’6”, 215 lbs.-Bray possesses the most gifted arm in this draft.  He can toss the deep ball, and spin it hard and tight in close quarters.  The problem is, he’s very arrogant, and gambles by passing into tight coverage.  His mechanics are a shade poor also.  If his unlimited potential outweighs his brash attitude, Bray is a top 5 pick.  If he stayed in school one more year, he’s the top QB in 2014.  With a new coach and new system, Bray can’t be blamed for coming out.  ROUND:1-2

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee-6’3”, 205 lbs.-A JUCO transfer, Patterson has burst on the scene in Tennessee.  He is a stellar return man, and a home run hitter.  Patterson can make the big play, but will also drop the ball on easy plays.  Lacking route running skills, he may not make the first round and should have waited a year.  Think Brian Quick.  ROUND:2-3



David Amerson, CB, N. Carolina St.-6’2”, 195 lbs.-Amerson is having an average year.  It’s hard to match the production he had in 2011.  His size is very coveted, but his speed, and sometimes over aggressiveness, is a concern.  If Amerson waited a year, he would be a top 15 pick.  ROUND:2

Akeem Spence, DT, Illinois-6’1”, 300 lbs.-Spence is highly athletic, with an extreme amount of burst.  In the middle of a highly underperforming defense, Spence has not produced as much as other tackles.  Yet, he has done enough to stay on the radear.  Much like Corey Luiget, Spence could vault into the first round with excellent work outs.  ROUND:3



Keenan Allen, WR, Cal-6’3”, 210 lbs.-Allen is far and away the most NFL ready wide receiver in this draft.  Allen has ideal size and hands.  His route running is not perfect, but technically sound.  Though not a burner, his speed is adequate, showing deceptive separation from defenders.  ROUND:1

Stedman Bailey, WR, W. Virginia-5’10”, 185 lbs.-Bailey is a speedster on the outside.  A very reliable weapon, with steady hands, Bailey will succeed in the NFL.  However, he has little experience running routes.  Not to mention, Bailey will be overshadowed by many big named WR’s in a very defense laden draft.  ROUND:3

Giovani Bernard, RB, N. Carolina-5’10”, 205 lbs.-Bernard has much to show at the combine, but is the consensus #1 back in this draft.  Possessing decent tools in blocking, pass catching, and ball security, Bernard will be sought after.  He does lack that true breakaway speed, and doesn’t have the frame to be a power back.  Having faced one severe knee injury, his stock is high and it may be best to come out early.  Again, he’ll have to contend with the defensive studs in front of him.  ROUND:2-3

Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas-6’, 225 lbs.-Actually, Davis, when healthy, possesses as much, if not more upside than any other back.  He has dangerous speed with above average power.  Davis will contend with the fact he has chronic ankle injuries, and played poorly this year.  Although Davis would excel under new coach, Bielema, one more injury could prevent him from being drafted.  A tough combine could keep Davis in the top three rounds, but realistically:  ROUND:5

D.J. Fluker, RT/RG, Alabama-6’6”, 340 lbs.-Although not possessing a steady body of work this year, Fluker displays the strength and talent to be in the NFL.  Obviously his main attractant is his house like size.  If Fluker sheds a 10 lbs, and shows fluid footwork at the combine, the sky is the limit.  ROUND:2

Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio St.-6’3”, 325 lbs.-Hankins is fighting for the right to be the top DT in the draft.  He is extremely hard to handle in the trenches.  For his size, he showed the burst to play DE in pass rush situations at Ohio St.  ROUND:1

Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee-6’4”, 200 lbs.-Hunter has as much potential as any other WR in the draft.  However, he may be better served to stay in school.  This year he has shown he needs improvement in route running, and most importantly, catching the football.  He also shows a fear to attack the middle of the field.  If he adds bulk, and runs a great 40, Hunter may find himself in the bottom of the first round.  ROUND:2

Brandon Jenkins, DE, Florida St-6’3”, 255 lbs.-Two years in a row with season ending injuries, but no scout will look away from Jenkins.  A phenomenal pass rusher who refuses to be blocked, he was considered to be a possible first rounder last year.  A good combine may lead Jenkins into the top of the 1st round.  ROUND:2-4

Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama-5’10”, 225-Lacy is highly regarded by most teams.  He shows a willingness to attack the hole violently, pushes the pile, and has that extra gear to escape defenders.  However, averages less than 15 carries a game and will need to show the ability to shoulder a load for an NFL team.  His stock will not get any higher, why risk injury and extra tread?  ROUND:2-3

Marcus Lattimore, RB, S. Carolina-6’, 220 lbs.-Injuries will keep the best RB in the last four years, fighting to even be selected.  The best all round player in the draft, Lattimore is impossible to bring down, catches well, and is an above average blocker.  The good news is, the bottom falls out of this draft, talent wise, and a team will take a low risk on Lattimore.  ROUND:5-UFA.

Tyrann Mathieu, DB, LSU-5’8”. 185 lbs.-There is no doubt about Mathieu’s explosive play.  For his size he is aggressive and a sound tackler.  Consistent off field problems leaves him nowhere to go but the NFL.  ROUND:4

Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri-6’2”, 295 lbs.-Richardson is a gifted gamer with the urge to make the big plays.  He is a sound tackler with amazing burst and speed.  ROUND :1 Top 25

Da’Rick Rogers, WR, Tennessee Tech-6’3”, 210 lbs.-If not for constant trouble, Rogers may be a top 10 pick.  He displays every last trait a scout will ask for.  Size is NFL ready, speed is more than adequate, hands are great, and even his route running is better than most.  ROUND:2

Trabis Ward, RB, Tennessee State-5’10”, 200 lbs.-If you’re not from Tennessee….nevermind…If you’re not a student at Tennessee State, Trabis Ward is unfamiliar to you.  Ward can be surprisingly relevant though.  At one point, he was a 4 star recruit, but failed academically.  His stats prove his productivity and he may work himself onto a roster.  ROUND: UNDRAFTED


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