2013 NFL Draft Risers and Fallers

2013 NFL Draft Risers and Fallers from week 9

By Tyler Lurkins

2013 NFL Draft Risers

Damontre Moore, DE/LB, Texas A and M

In case you missed it, there’s another pass rusher not from LSU. Moore is taking advantage of Texas A and M’s blitz happy D. He leads the SEC in sacks, and could be a top 15 pick. He can fit as 34 rush linebacker or a 43 end.

Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon

Jordan is also shooting up boards into the first round. He’s probably best suited as 34 rush linebacker. His extreme body length, combined with exceptional speed, make him a terror as a pass rusher. Because he is a little light weight for his height, he will have difficulty playing as an end in a 43 scheme.

Chase Thomas, LB, Stanford

Thomas has NFL size and strength. He plays very balanced handling coverage and blitzing with ease. Due to his size, he is a perfect fit as an ILB in a cover 2 scheme, and ILB in a 34 scheme, and can play outside in any scheme.

Ezekiel Anzah, DE, BYU

Anzah may hit the bottom of the first round. He has the rare size and athleticism to make him a terrific defender. He is very raw and has little experience, but he can be coached up. The other issue is Anzah is excelling against weak competition. He could be this year’s work out warrior at the combine and warrant high grades with many teams.

Hugh Thornton, G/T, Illinois, Dallas Thomas, G/T, Tennessee

These two loop themselves in the same category. Versatile lineman always work their way up in the draft. Teams go after decent players who play multiple positions well. Both prospects have the size and fundamentals to start at the guard position instantly. However, both can be very serviceable left tackles in years to come. This draft is weak in the line position. Thomas can easily work himself up to the first round, while Thornton may climb to the early stages of the second round.

2013 NFL Draft FALLERS

Eric Reid, S, LSU

Reid may still be the top safety in the draft, but he is more of a project. At one time, he could have came into play in the top 10. Now he’s lucky to stay in the first. No one questions his speed or ferociousness. However, he over pursues and can’t secure the play over his personal highlight reel. The best aspect for Reid is his high end speed that will allow him to cover his mistakes. Durability issues may also hurt Reid.

Logan Thomas, QB, Virginia Tech

Thomas will need to stay in school if he wants to save his NFL Draft status. He has done nothing to warrant any consideration as an elite QB. He has talent at the receiver position and a favorable schedule and coaching scheme. If he comes out, some team may take a flyer on him simply because of his upside. However, with the extreme defensive talent swarming the first round, it’s easier to grab him in the second round.

Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina

It’s unfortunate how Marcus Lattimore’s brilliant career is being derailed by injuries seeing as he could have been a top 10 pick in the 2013 NFL draft. It may be highly advisable for him to enter the NFL draft and risk being undrafted. He has the talent to make an NFL roster and work with a league minimum check. If he redshirts, he runs the risk of a career ending injury, if this injury isn’t the one to begin with.

David Amerson, CB, NC State

Amerson is still a big talent. Many mockers had him as a shoe in, top 10 pick. He has the size coveted by NFL scouts, but doesn’t make the plays he needs to make. Amerson may be trying too hard to duplicate past success. Overplaying the ball, being out of position, and the failure to have top flight speed to compensate for his mistakes may drop Amerson out of the first round.

Michael Buchanon, DE, Illinois

When WhitneyMercilus lead the nation in sacks, Buchanon was to step and fill his big shoes. Buchanon pinged on ever yone’s radar, but has done nothing to warrant consideration til the mid rounds.

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