2013 NFL Draft | Cornerback Rankings

2013 NFL Draft top 5 Cornerback Rankings

By Tyler Lurkins

  1. Dee Milliner, Alabama-Very balanced and sound CB.  Shadows receivers and plays the ball well.  Sure tackler, and has the frame for the job.  Can be used in blitz packages.  Lacks elite speed and may get burnt by elite receivers.
  2. Xavier Rhodes, Florida St.-Menacing, physical receiver.  Displays great speed and quickness for a corner of his size.  Will excel in any scheme with the ability to cover any receiver.  Discipline is needed, has little experience with being on an island.
  3. David Amerson, N. Carolina St.-Gifted playmaker.  Reads and attacks the ball in the air.  Will take gambles.  Appetite for the big play will leave him out of position.  Vulnerable to double moves.
  4. Carrington Byndom, Texas-Excellent cover skills with speed to keep up with any receiver.  Safe player, shows athleticism to make the play without gambling.  Needs to gain weight while maintaining speed.  Will not work in a physical scheme.
  5. Jonathan Banks, Miss St.-Capable cover man.  Runs with receivers and has good ability at creating plays.  Lacks speed.  Has no ability to make up for mistakes or run ball carriers down from behind.

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