2013 NFL Draft | Best Guards and Centers

Guards and Centers in the 1st round of the 2013 NFL Draft?

I have been working and writing 2013 NFL Mock Draft’s recently. I have been watching game tapes and analyzing players in doing so. One thing that I have realized this year compared to years in the past is there are a lot of interior offensive lineman that very well could be early to mid first round draft picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. I know in the past mid to late first round teams have taken centers and guards. In the 2013 NFL Draft there are a couple interior offensive lineman that could end up being top 15 selections.

Now that I have set the table lets talk about some of these stud interior lineman. The first two and the ones that most people are talking about are Barrett Jones and Chance Warmack. Both of these guys are Alabama offensive lineman and both most likely will be first round picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. While jones has the versatility to play Center, Guard and Tackle Chance  Warmack is just a beast who destroys people in the run game. Warmack however could have some issues in the pass game and this is why I would rank Jones ahead of Warmack for the time being. The next grunt stud is Dallas Thomas. He previously played tackle for the Tennessee Volunteers but he has been moved inside to left guard this year. I believe that this will help his stock for the NFL Draft. He has the ability size and speed to play right tackle in the NFL and also has shown that he is very good on the inside as well. The next two guys are borderline first round selections… but I believe the teams picking in the late first round are looking to improve their interior offensive line. Jonathan Cooper out of North Carolina and Khaled Homes out of USC are very good players. Cooper is a a Guard who should be able to come in and be an immediate starter while Homes is the top rated true center in this NFL Draft.

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