Limas Sweed: 2008 NFL Draft Updates


The University of Texas number 1 receiver. Limas is 6’5″ and approximately 22o lbs. His freshman year half way through the season he established himself as a split receiver and had 23 receptions for about 265 yds. In 2005 he started all 13 games he had 36 receptions for 545 yds and 5 Td’s. Last year, he had 46 catches for 801 yds and 12 Td’s. He also showed his speed by average almost 35 yards a catch. This Year Limas has racked up 306 yards and 3 Td’s. However, he is having season ending surgery to take care of a ligament in his hand. Limas is a very big target and has shown his speed when he needed to. Due to this season ending surgery ending surgery his Draft positioning could drop drastically. NFL coaches and staff want to make sure the players they draft are going to be healthy and contribute to the team. The Raiders, Jaguars, Cowboys, Titans and the 49ers are the top teams looking for receivers. The Raiders are going to need some weapons for Russell and with Limas being such a big target he could be a good addition. The next team the Jags don’t really have a good number one receiver so if they drafted Limas he could step in and take the role right away. The next two teams the Titans and the Cowboys are the most likely to get Limas because he is probably going to fall to the end of the Draft and these to teams are looking to have promising years. He will be a good addition to Tony Romo’s arsenal replacing Patrick Crayton or the oft injured Terry Glenn. Tennesse is also a very big fit for Limas because Vince has played with Limas and if Tennessee took Limas in the draft that would mean they drafted a University of Texas player in the first round the last three years (Vince Young, Michael Griffen and then maybe Limas). Limas makes a good fit here because when Vince throws he has often looked at his bigger targets like Bo Scaife in the Redzone. If they got Limas Vince would be able to throw to him and take some pressure off of the TE’s in the redzone. Stay Tuned for more Updates and I will be submitting my first mock draft soon.

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